First scenario, POV of citizen:
Normal day on the job, someone runs in screaming 'he bit me' of something of the sort, and quickly turn into a zombie. This will rapidly throw you into the game, and support the realism of an unprepared situation. Weapons will be scarce, you will start with what goes with the scene ex: Construction worker - hammer, Police officer - Handgun / Baton etc. You continue to fight your way through this first zombie attack, and make your way outside and quickly link up with other equally badly equipped AI or users and fight your way to safety (Police stations or Army Bases), at these places, you are able to team up with other better trained/equipped AI and fight together. The random placement, equipment, and randomness of the AI allows for a completely different experience every time, thus continuous fun.

Next scenario, POV of authority:
You emerge into a training depot for the US Armed Forces (or other international forces ex: Police, Irani Special Forces, ETC), you are briefly trained in the art of using your weapon (specific to the area), but your training is cut short by shots in the distance. You run with your commander to secure the base against what looks to be some kind of animal, but turns out to be a zombie. Overall goal: Eradicate the zombie infestation, and save other survivors.

Last Scenario, POV of a zombie:
You start off in a standoff that you can't win with zombies, after fighting however much you want, you are quickly infected and torn apart randomly. Your speed and abilities are directly dependent on the damage done while you were infected, you are then lead by the the zombie leader around you, and infect every human you can find, dodging bullets and weapons. Eventually, you become stronger and separate from your zombie 'pack'. You continue to infect people who then become your subordinates and fight with you, and eventually for you. Overall goal: Infect everything around you.

Possible Outcomes:
The game ends when you either achieve your overall goal, or you die. Zombies are fast, and intelligent, driven by the fight to reproduce.

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We: The Hunted Initiated!


Development will commence upon completion of Left4Quake. Stay tuned, and mark June 1st as the birth day of a revolution in gaming!
If you support We: The Hunted, follow this project in our journey. A large portion of content and major design changes will be decided by the community!

Tsluecke Creator
Tsluecke - - 112 comments

Name suggestions?

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Mr_Cookies - - 750 comments

The only thing that I don't liked is the name :P

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OnlySolus - - 732 comments

lol sounds good

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megasantiago - - 4 comments

This game looks good.

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shiprocker - - 256 comments

lol finally

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Splinesplitter - - 301 comments

Aw, I was hoping that this game is based on Zamyatin's novel...

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