Warriors of Delwymn is an Epic Adventure designed for Casual to HardCore players, it is an Online Action Role Playing Game designed for the purpose of entertainment, with beautiful scenery, challenging dungeons and boss fights, and most importantly, an ever changing world! The legend; Delwymn, this is the name of the living Spirit of our planet! They say at the heart of the planet, there is a Crystal, known as the Crystal of Delwymn. Since the birth of our planet, there has always been a race of people who guarded the spirit of our planet, however, there is also a society known as the Chaocao who seek the Crystal Of Delwymn! If this myth proves true, this crystal would contain a phenomenal abundance of power! And it must be protected!

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Koharu Sakamoto stated, "We always wonder what happens to the NPCs when no one is watching, this webcomic series will be aimed at identifying the mischief and mayhem that involves our NPCs in the game while no one is watching!".Creating a game in a difficult economy proves challanging at the best of times, for the larger company. For indie developers Studio Sakamoto they state, "Times are tough all around. The Games industry is no exception especially for indie developers. We need to not only build a working, stable, interesting, and entertaining game, we need to fund this venture too. As such, we are hiring a number of comic artists to illustrate our webcomic series which will be available for free on our website in the coming months. We will also be creating merchandise for our webcomic enthusiests. All profits and procedes from the sale of merchandise will be recycled into the webcomic and the game development funds."Specific details about the webcomic are not known as of yet. We hope to see some publication made by Studio Sakamoto over the coming weeks with specific information on the webcomic series.

Exclusive Limited Access Key giveaway!

Exclusive Limited Access Key giveaway!

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To secure your very own access key to play Warriors Of Delwymn during development, and have your say, look inside this news article now before all the...

33 Hours and 10 Minutes Until the Phase 1 Alpha

33 Hours and 10 Minutes Until the Phase 1 Alpha


Less then 36 hours until the Alpha, get your account prepared for the alpha today.

Alpha Update: Client Download availability time and date!

Alpha Update: Client Download availability time and date!


An update relating to the Phase 1 Alpha Testing in March this year

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Latest Development Diary DAY 4 available on youtube! Youtu.be

Feb 3 2014

Genji Game Server maintenance has now concluded.

May 22 2013

Secure your access key to Warriors Of Delwymn Dev Edition, see Indiedb.com for more details!

May 19 2013

We have loads of new features and fixes being included in patch 1.32! Delwymn.com

Mar 20 2013

Brand new skill for warriors announced! When a warrior reaches level 5, they can learn Flash Step V1.31 (12th of March Patch)

Mar 6 2013

Alpha keys will be available from 1st March 2013! Login to your game account, click userCP, then Get Alpha Key! Delwymn.com

Feb 23 2013