Simpians is a massively multiplayer (MMO) persistent browser-based hunter-gatherer multigenerational evolutionary simulation fantasy strategy game with the objective to survive, adapt, discover, and evolve. As a player you are the tribe's match maker, you can overwrite and match Simpians to their mates hence guiding natural selection of your tribe genomic destiny. You will decide the roles of your Simpians as who will go on raiding the neighbouring tribe or hunting wild animals. You will also navigate your tribe in a procedurally generated world filled with finite resources and other players who are trying to survive. As the generations of your tribe go by you will have the ability to view the ancestors of your tribe and witness how player controlled natural selection takes its course. Once the player has survived the test of time a story will slowly unveil revealing a deep entertaining background story of Simpians.

As the player your responsibilities to your village are as follows:

  • Match Simpians to their mates as you see fit (they will automatically match but as a player you can override their matches).
  • Assign one of three roles of each Simpian, a gatherer, a defender/attacker/hunter, or idle.
  • Set the movement location on the map as you roam around to hunt and gather.
  • Set the eating rations amount for the tribe.
  • Decide to raid or trade with other tribes.
  • Decide to hunt wild animals for higher food payout at a risk of injury to the hunting party.
  • When given the opportunity relocate your tribe to a new world.

The game is designed for the player to become attached to their tribe over the generations. To understand the different family lineages and to balance the abilities of the tribe in order to survive. For example as you head out for a raid you would not want to send all your young males/females of your tribe, loosing them before they are able to have children may cut off family lineages and may hamper your tribes ability to survive. Likewise, if a genetic mutation has produced a stronger Simpian you will attempt to make sure he/she is idling around and having as much kids as they can.

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New Simpians World


A new Simpians world started! (alpha4) - Simpians is a hunter-gatherer multigenerational evolutionary simulation where the players steer natural selection.

New features include:

  • Added Arrangement Section - Players are able to place Simpians up for an arrangement if the Simpian is between 18-25 and has no kids.
  • Doubled the chance of mutations.
  • When starting a new tribe you choose the Simpian type and ALL your starting Simpians will be that type (not majority like before).
  • Decreased wandering Simpians rate of joining by half.
  • Minor UI enhancements.


New Simpians world started! (alpha3)

New Simpians world started! (alpha3)


A new Simpians world started! (alpha3) - Simpians is a hunter-gatherer multigenerational evolutionary simulation where the players become match makers...

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