Urban Tale is a realistic, vibrant and unique RPG that will allow you to fulfil your dreams, and pursue your most wanted goals in life.

You start from scratch, having nothing in the big city where you can meet a lot of people, that can help you throughout your adventure. Your goal is to survive and succeed in life. Will you be able to make it?

You can be whoever you want, try to simulate your own life, or try being somebody totally different. Can spend your life working as an employee, when you get enough experience and knowledge, you also become manager or even business owner and run companies, people working in it and your own life, all at the same time.

Experience the city world like never before, walk around Ljubljana, live your everyday life while trying to have fun.



You will be able to go all around the city and acquaintance different things. As time goes, you will be able to experience season change, from cold winters to warm summers, leaves falling off the trees and snow falling from the sky.


Playing as somebody else is not fun unless you can change your personalities. Game allows you to play as different characters, and change the way you look and play. Choosing different careers you will give you freedom to find which character fits which career the best.


Beautiful pixel art will leave you mesmerised and make the life in the city even more interesting, joyful and fun. We wanted the game to be colourful, yet real-world realistic, having best of both worlds.


At all times you can talk to people, around the city, in the grocery shop, post office, and wherever you go. You can get all the necessary information, whether is it related to job interview, or you are just wanting to make friends.

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Dear players,
We are thrilled to announce a new update for Urban Tale, making the game even better than before. Your feedback and support have been invaluable in shaping this update. Here's what you can expect:

Improvements: We have implemented various enhancements to enhance your gameplay experience.
New logics: We have added new logical elements to enrich the game mechanics.
New colliders and paths: We have introduced additional colliders and pathways to improve navigation in certain areas.
Bug fixes: We have addressed several issues and bugs that were reported on our Discord channel. Speaking of which, don't forget to join our Discord community for the latest news and

Specific changes include:
🔫Crime career:🔫 We have added a new feature that allows you to quit the role of a Gangster at any level, providing more flexibility in your gameplay progression.
🌻Florist career:🌻 Level 2 now includes additional text, offering more guidance on starting the level and triggering the cash register.
🎞️Animation updates:🎞️ Burning bins at night now feature new animations, adding to the atmospheric elements of the game. Additionally, some neon lights have been replaced with new animation cycles.
⏹Collider adjustments:⏹ The colliders in the Bakeries (all zones) have been extended to address an issue where players were getting stuck. Now you can move freely without any obstacles.
🏞️Park area in Winter:🏞️ We have made similar adjustments to the snowmen, extending their colliders. Additionally, park benches and trash cans have been repositioned for better accessibility.

Also, don't forget to check out our other game currently in development, Plague: London 1665, and Wishlist it on Steam to stay up-to-date on its development progress!


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Game Update: Bug Fixes, Career Changes, and Save/Load Improvements!

Game Update: Bug Fixes, Career Changes, and Save/Load Improvements!


Experience smoother gameplay and better career progression with our latest game update!

Christmas theme is back & Open Letter

Christmas theme is back & Open Letter


In the game players will be able to find Christmas lights, a Christmas tree, listen to themed Christmas music and most important... PRESENTS!!!

v1.1.1. is Live!

v1.1.1. is Live!


This update brings a few minor changes, fixes and the reverting the in-game starting dates.

Halloween in Urban Tale

Halloween in Urban Tale


This is a special in-game event celebrating Halloween (a little early, we know... but we just could not wait).

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