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Important development notice: The game is not exactly dead. I plan on continuing development and I sincerely apologize for my failure to hold up to my many promises of updates. I have temporarily lost interest in the project, but it is not dead, so expect it to be updated eventually. No ETA on when, so I apologize, but don't give up hope!

Other important note: If you are getting an error relating to "Can not create vertex buffer", disable "fancy graphics" in the options menu, and the game should work fine. If you are getting an internet connection error with the launcher, download the direct version of the game instead of the launcher, since the launcher has broken due to changes to Dropbox. If you have any other issues, leave a comment and I'll help to the best of my ability!

Relatively Secure is a top-down zombie survival RPG set in a rural village. Forage for and stockpile food, water, building materials and ammunition, fortify a building or construct your own, increase your skills, craft new items, and ultimately live for as long as possible. Every action affects your survival!

Word got out of an uprising; the dead were alive! The small, rural town of Janton was ill prepared, and nearly every remaining human was infected within days. There is one remaining survivor, but how long until they are overtaken? Because in a world like ours,

No place is safe . . . only safer.


  • Four unique game modes with different playstyles.
  • Large open world map, ever expanding.
  • Experience system and skills that evolve.
  • Hunger, thirst, sleep, injuries, and more.
  • Fire building, tree cutting, and other survival skills.
  • Construction; barricades, sandbags, walls, and more.
  • Nearly 40 unique weapons; half of which are firearms.
  • Crafting system for improvised weaponry and useful items.
  • Randomly generated loot and zombie spawns.

Currently RelSec is in very early alpha.
It's still missing many key features, and there certainly are problems, but I am working on the game every single day and the game is constantly changing, often drastically. Updates are generally released weekly to monthly with great new additions to the game. Be sure to pick up the launcher so you can get each update as soon as it's released!

Feedback is greatly appreciated! Since the game is under such heavy development every comment, email, suggestion, and reddit post is just what the game needs! If you've played the game, I would really love to hear what you think. I read every single thing anyone says!

I'm also in need of videos of the game! If you want to do a let's play, a review, just some gameplay footage, or whatever you want to do, I would really appreciate to see it! If there's a really good one which showcases the game very well, I'll post it as the header video here and all over the web. All videos will be mentioned on my twitter!

If you use Reddit, be sure to subscribe to the game's subreddit! It's a great place to view past changelogs, some special sneak previews, and possibly content from other fans of the game. Check it out at the top of the page.

Note: Though the game is marked as released, this refers to the alpha. The game has a long way to go before being released as a finished game! You can download the alpha now from the downloads tab.

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Though you can read the complete changelog below, the most important updates are as follows;

Easter Edition! During the month of April, 12 Easter eggs are hidden somewhere in the map. Find them all and craft them together for a surprise! You had better hurry since April is running out!

Injuries sometimes caused by zombies! The more injured you are, the slower you move. Use a first-aid kit or craft a splint (plank, bandages, and rope) to allow your injuries to heal faster.

Injured after a fight

Crafting a Splint, for healing an injury;

Character menu to see more about yourself! Pressing C will open it, and from there you can see your name, portrait, days lived, zombies killed, and all of your experience levels.

Character Menu

At long last, a pause menu! Pressing escape exits to this instead of the main menu, so no more accidentally quitting the game. From here you can mess with settings or check the controls!

Pause Menu

Tons of bugfixes, including the long standing bug with missing paths upon load, and the annoying graphical bug where walls snap into view for a moment. Many more as well!

Many changes to combat! Headshots now focus faster the closer the zombie is to you, melee knockback depends on charge, you can hit multiple zombies with one swing, and much more!

Demonstration of some of the new mechanics;

New items and weapons, including an Uzi, Nailplank, Canteen, Bread, and Soda Bottles! Plus, new sprites for many melee weapons, and water containers can be refilled even if partially full.


In addition, the launcher has now been updated to v1.1!

Launcher 1.1 changelog:

* Added new game logo to the header image.
* Added button to open content folder.
* Switched to new game icon.
* Minor other changes.

The old launcher will work fine as well, though, so only update if you want to.


Alpha 0.1.4 Complete Changelog:


* Water containers can be refilled when partially full now.
* Sometimes being hit by a zombie will cause an injury.
* Injuries heal very slowly over time.
* The worse the injury, the worse the character's speed is affected.
* Craft a splint to make injuries heal faster.
* First aid kits also boost healing, but less than a splint.
* Added "Easter Edition";
* Only available during the month of April
* 12 eggs are hidden in the world
* Crafting them all together grants a secret item!
* Using a consumable item no longer requires holding the mouse.
* Simply clicking once will start the using sequence.

Game World

* Added three new residential buildings to the map.


* New firearm: Uzi
* Light, low recoil, lesser accuracy submachine gun.
* Found in military crates or rarely carried by zombies.
* New melee weapon: Nailplank
* Simpler counterpart to gripped nailplank.
* Requires only a hammer, nails, and a wooden plank.
* Slower to swing and harder to use than the gripped nailplank.
* More durable than the counterpart.
* New item: Canteen
* Can be used to store more water than a water bottle.
* Refillable at water sources.
* Found in garages, shelves, wardrobes, and counters.
* New item: Bread
* Six uses per loaf, making it a good food source.
* Found in counters and sometimes fridges.
* New item: Soda Bottle
* Quenches thirst worse than water.
* Boosts stamina much more than water.
* Found in fridges.
* Buckets and mugs have been renamed to be more like other containers.
* The QBU-88 represents its real life counterpart better.
* Updates sprites for some melee weapons.
* Planks and logs are now lighter.


* Mousing over the weight number by the inventory icon shows exact carried weight.
* Mousing over items now shows more information;
* Guns and melee weapons display damage, melee weapons show swing speed.
* The death screen now shows extra information on death.
* Now shows which gamemode you were playing in.
* Shows how many zombies where killed during that life.
* Added character menu. Opened by pressing C, displays the following info;
* (Currently randomized) character name.
* Zombies killed.
* Experience levels in athletics, accuracy, strength, and stealth.
* Character portrait.
* Will be expanded on in future version to show equipment and more.
* Scrolling has been removed from containers;
* You must now click on the slot of an item to take/place it.
* Scrolling in the inventory with a container open is possible now.
* Also applies to the page up/down arrows.
* No longer requires closing the container to access items out of view.
* Examining an item no longer shows weight and uses left.
* This functionality has been moved to the hover menu, so isn't necessary.
* Added circular progress bar to certain actions;
* Now shows how progress to using a consumable item.
* Now represents melee weapon charge instead of the bar along the top.
* Also shows cool down time between shots for firearms.


* Aiming for headshots now is faster at shorter distances.
* Headshots charge faster the closer the mouse is to the center of a zombie.
* Knockback distance now relies on how charged a swing is.
* Knockback distance is randomized somewhat.
* Melee weapon delay between swings has been halved, spam click is more effective now.
* There is now a chance to not rebound when hitting a zombie;
* Based on charge; the heavier charged the higher chance of not rebounding.
* Allows hitting multiple zombies with one swing, at the cost of more stamina.
* The aiming circle now is hidden while reloading.
* Headshot focus now runs out quicker than before if not hovering over a zombie.
* Melee weapons now have less of a chance to break down if not fully charged.
* Damage spread for melee weapons is now somewhat larger.


* Hotkeys are now disabled by default.
* Hold a hotkey button and click on a slot to set it to that slot, as normal.
* Dragging a hotkeyed slot no longer moves the hotkey as well.
* Hotkeys can now be disabled by holding that hotkey and clicking on the slot.

* Pressing escape now brings up a pause menu instead of exiting.
* From the menu you can change options, or view the controls.
* Pressing escape again returns to the game.
* From the menu you can exit to the main menu or quit the game.
* The game is saved automatically when the game is paused.
* Player bodies now reflect the player's fashion choices better.
* Trees usually drop more logs now.
* Added three more shirt colors for customizing a character.
* Added two recolor hats for variation.
* Optimized the 3D rendering more than before.
* Updated game icon.


* Fixed fire axe icon being off center.
* Fixed the build guide still drawing below walls.
* Fixed opening the context menu for beds behind inventory and far away.
* Fixed being able to aim for headshots while reloading/unable to shoot.
* Fixed the M1 Carbine magazines holding an improper amount of ammo.
* Fixed the container help text drawing in gray when scrolled down.
* Fixed the "burdened" hover text improperly displaying a negative value.
* Fixed combat being impossible and throwing errors with blood disabled.
* Fixed bug where bleeding gets worse over time instead of better.
* Fixed long standing error "unknown paths" when loading the game (probably).
* Fixed graphical bug where walls snap into view for a split second.
* Fixed bug which cause melee weapons to only break down in survival.

Update: Alpha 0.1.3 is available!

Update: Alpha 0.1.3 is available!


Version Alpha 0.1.3 is now available for download, with new features such as a customizable game mode, changes to food/drink mechanics, hover-over info...

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Relatively Secure Alpha 0.1.4

Relatively Secure Alpha 0.1.4

Full Version 4 comments

This is a direct download to the game's executable file. I highly recommend using the launcher instead, as it automatically downloads new version as well...

Relatively Secure Launcher v1.1

Relatively Secure Launcher v1.1

Installer Tool 1 comment

The launcher will automatically check for new versions, display the changelog, and give an option of whether to update or not, every time you run the...

Relatively Secure Alpha 0.1.3

Relatively Secure Alpha 0.1.3

Full Version 3 comments

This is a direct download to the game's executable file. I highly recommend using the launcher instead, as it automatically downloads new version as well...

Relatively Secure Alpha 0.1.2

Relatively Secure Alpha 0.1.2

Full Version 3 comments

This is a direct download to the game's executable file. I highly recommend using the launcher instead, as it automatically downloads new version as well...

Relatively Secure Launcher

Relatively Secure Launcher

Installer Tool 1 comment

The launcher will automatically check for new versions, display the changelog, and give an option of whether to update or not, every time you run the...

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The game keeps on crashing when I start a new game :V

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

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The game is dead?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rakqoi Creator

The game isn't dead, but the new version is delayed again (as is quite a pattern) since I've had issues with the save system so I must rewrite it from scratch in a better way. Though it's nearly finished, I'm having some issues with saving and loading containers. After I fix this, though, I only have a couple of things to finish up and it will be ready for release.

Of course real life tends to delay things, and I've started dabbling in Unity3D as well as with a new 2D project. But do know, 0.1.5 is coming along with a nice new Wiki, and after that, content updates will be more frequent with a ton of new stuff!

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Is this game ever going to become money?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rakqoi Creator

Nope! I plan on keeping the game free forever; all future updates will be free as well.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

is the game discontinued? i enjoy it and havnt seen any updates in a while

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rakqoi Creator

It certainly isn't! Progress has been slow lately due to real life, but I've been working on it a lot more in the past few days and the next version will be coming very, very soon. So far, the next version has changed the game very much, the biggest update the game has ever seen! So keep an eye out as I'm doing some final touches and testing.

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in the future, will the game receive some kind of multiplayer?

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Rakqoi Creator

Hopefully eventually, yes! I plan on it, but I won't start work on it until the game is more feature complete and the underlying engine is more stable.

I plan on adding split-screen multiplayer, local LAN multiplayer (separate computers) and internet multiplayer, so you can play with anyone who hosts a server.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

ok thanks

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