Unreal Tournament 2003 is the sequel to 1999's multiple 'Game of the Year' award winner. It uses the very latest Unreal Engine technology - where graphics, sound and gameplay are taken beyond the bleeding edge. Unreal Tournament 2003 is a lightning-fast, no-holds-barred sport of the future, where warriors face off like the Gladiators of ancient Rome to determine the ultimate combatant. Super human reflexes, awesome weapons and the skill to use them effectively are what separate the good from the bad, the living from the dead, the victor from vanquished. Already this game is causing a stir with many mod authors turning to it in the quest to create a 'next generation' modification, by utilising this brilliant game engine. Whilst not much can be said many existing UT mods are said to be ported over so already this game looks like it is going to be a ripper - modification wise of course!

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New version of Siege2004


Version 105 of Siege2004 has been released! Most of it is precious balancing, but it features a much simpler installation, too. You have to uninstall...

Arrrgh!!! Alpha 01a Released

Arrrgh!!! Alpha 01a Released


Black Ice Games, the student game development studio of the Animation Arts Centre at Seneca College has released a new version of Arrrgh!!! In Arrrgh...

MSU edition released

Unreal 4 Ever 2003 1 comment

The MSU contest release of U4E is finally available for download! Now you too can enjoy the creamy goodness of 3 new monsters, 2 new gametypes, 4 mutators...

Two New Characters for Arrrgh!!!

Arrrgh!!! 4 comments

Arrrgh!!! introduces two new characters now raging across our maps. Say hello to CutThroat Sally and Grenado. We'll post some gameplay video of these...

Siege2004 has been released!


I have released Siege2004 (v103). As you can guess, Siege is now compatible to UT2004 to keep the fun up to date. The look of Siege has been refreshed...

Arrrgh!!! at GDC


During a presentation of the development of Arrrgh!!! with 3dsmax at the Game Developers Converence last week Blackice Games showed a pre-alpha build...

Deathball 1.9b Released


Here is the final Deathball Version for UT2003. DB V1.9b. Known bugs: -Award system is totally bugged in this version -New Hud may look wrong for some...

Siege2k3 v102 is released!

Siege2kX 1 comment

I have release a new patch for Siege2k3. It updates v098b (or higher) to v102, alters the way of construction and finally adds the 'superweapons-mutator...

Good news and bad news...

Global WarZonE

...share the same timeframe. The bad news first: Our Beta has been delayed about one month. And here are the good news: We're searching for betatesters...

Version 2 ready for download

Unreal 4 Ever 2003

The Version 2 is finally Officially ready for download! Click any of these links to download our mod. Most people should use Umod, except for Mac users...

Weaponssite updated for Beta 1

Global WarZonE

Only few weeks left and the beta 1 will come. At the right moment we decided to update the weapon side so you can have a look over the upcoming Beta 1...

New Music Stuff from Globalwarzone

Global WarZonE

It's been quite some time after the last newson moddb Much too long we enjoyed the silence. But now we have Blasendruck and his pal TrIBe, who will definitively...

TeamFCS contacted by History Channel producers.

Future Combat Scenarios 8 comments

Future Combat Scenarios got an unexpected email this week from a television production company interested in partnering with us on an episode they are...

New Mod! Maximum-Power

Maximum Power 2 comments

Hey just posting to let ya'll know about the new mod Max-Power. Heres a little abit about the mod. The mod is for Unreal 2k3 and also 4 when it is released...

uCom Christmas Update!

Unreal Command

Hello uCom fans! I bring you our very own Christmas present from the entire dev team! I hope you enjoy! For our first part we give you the Core Industrial...

UnrealSpeed 1.61 released!

UnrealSpeed 2 comments

I am very proud to announce the release of the newest version of UnrealSpeed. This version holds many bug fixes but also a good deal of new features...

GlobalWarzone Gameserver Online

GlobalWarzone Gameserver Online

Global WarZonE

Its done. The new GWZ v3.87 Gameserver is online now. (IP You need to get online an original ut2003 version and the globalwarzone 3.87...

New renders form Global Resistance

Global Resistance 2 comments

There are some new renders from the UT2003 modification Global Resistance:

New Images and development report

New Images and development report

Global WarZonE 1 comment

Hi all you guys. You remember Global Warzone? If not, i will change it. At first i will give you two new alpha images: These images are from our new map...

Internal alpha 0.3 released + some new screens

Global Resistance

The GR-Team released the alpha 0.3. Features: Classbased gamesystem Spraylogos Gametypes: - Team Deathmatch - Triple Action - Double Assault Weapons...

Oh no It's the law!

Organized Crime 4 comments

Organized Crime updates their website with various new renders of the brand new cop model and a few vehicles. The organized crime promised to post some...

Public Alpha released, as umod installer, complete with music

Future Combat Scenarios

We've gotten our umod installer together complete with 4 tracks from 4 different musical artists. We have made this internal Alpha available to the public...

U4E release 1

Unreal 4 Ever 2003

The U4E team has released their first version of Unreal4Ever for UT2003! Here's the short list of what you can expect in this version: The Bubblgun (fun...

FCS Enters MSU as Heavy Weapons Character Released to Public

Future Combat Scenarios

Future Combat Scenarios has just made it's first public release! Our heavy weapons character has been tested and released to the public. Go to our home...

UnrealSpeed 1.6 Public Beta

UnrealSpeed 1 comment

Finally its here, UnrealSpeed Public Beta 1.6 We are very happy to release this version, after being bothered for weeks by the famous Mr. Murphy, this...

Fraghouse Invasion 1.2 revamp patch!

Fraghouse Invasion

The Fraghouse Mod Team have released v1.2 of the Fraghouse Invasion Mod, which includes big fixes and modified maps. Here's the lowdown on the mod: Fraghouse...

Future Combat Scenarios is having an Unreal Tournament 2003 Giveway!

Future Combat Scenarios

Future Combat Scenarios is giving away a copy of Unreal Tournament 2003!!! Unreal Tournament 2004 is not shipping until 2/2004, so there's still plenty...

UMS - BETA Release

Ultimate Survival

FINALLY ..... We have released Ultimate Survival to the public. After 7 months of hard work from a dedicated team we feel that its about time we got some...

GODZ 1.40 Release

GODZ 1.40 Release

GODZ Extreme

GODZ 1.40 has finally went gold. This release introduces massive improvements over the original release- including new maps, models, attacks, and overhauled...

GODZ is almost beta.....

GODZ is almost beta.....

GODZ Extreme 2 comments

Yes after a few months of hard work and elbow greese we have finally molded what we think is an awesome representation of what futuristic combat between...

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