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Steadily on the road to 2.0! A new addition to the team, and a new structure for Nod.

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Tiberian Sun: Reborn August 2016 Update
Hey everyone! We have said TSR 2.0 was happening, and it is! That said, the team has a couple of updates they would like to fill you in on.

New Team Addition

First and foremost, a welcome to our newest team member. An experienced and talented artist, Senty has come on board to contribute to the project. Sentry will be providing new models and structures to Reborn, and is already showing quality work!

As you can see, new buildings are planned to be included in 2.0.

Purchase Terminals

In more contributions, Mauler has provided new and modified Purchase Terminals for Nod and GDI. As part of the visual overhaul for 2.0, every thing from vehicles and buildings right down to the PCTs themselves will be seeing improvements.

Not only that, but Mauler has something else to show! Although you may already have a good guess from looking at the Nod screen.

Nod Tech Center

Another new building which you can expect to see in the upcoming version - the Nod Tech Center! Modeled by Mauler, the Tech Center will be tied to Nod's higher-tier units such as the Cyborg Commando, making this a vital structure on full-arsenal maps.

The layout itself is done, both interior and exterior. The model has been provided and will be seeing a full texture soon.

More to come!

Great things are in store for the new version. There is much more happening behind the scenes, and we're excited to show you those as they finish! Tiberian Sun: Reborn 2.0 will be worth the wait! Stay tuned for more updates and news from the team.


Sounds great!

Maybe GDI should have a greenish color scheme for their purchase terminals instead of blue considering the E.V.A. interface as it is portrayed in Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun. A blue interface screams EA and Tiberium Wars to me. And that's all wrong.

I know it's compelling with Red versus Blue but G.D.I:s color is Gold and their interface is green.

e: Also, it would be cool if you could differentiate Nods and GDI:s interfaces so that Nod:s is more CABAL and GDI:s EVA if you understand what I mean. In the picture above they are both the same only the color differs.

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I support this 100%, word for word. Blue + GDI = wrong to me.

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I lay my voice in on this as well. GDI is not blue.

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Agree. GDI is Gold. Allies are blue.

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I don't think it should be gold, as that'd tend to look a bit washed out or grating on the eyes, or it might look more like a poster than a screen if it's too dark. However, GDI does have cause to use that lighter shade of blue shown. They were formed by the UN, and the blue color harkens back to UN peacekeeper roots.

The blue color was used in C&C 3, probably more for technical reasons than overall aesthetic, but if you notice, their units maintained the gold scheme. The blue color scheme was reflected in the UI and the cinematics.

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green! not gold. G.D.I. uses a green interface. in both TD and TS they have a green E.V.A. interface.

my other point was that you should probably differentiate G.D.I. and Nod a bit more so that Nod have CABAL interface whilst GDI have the EVA interface.

but you are right, their faction color is gold.

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Nice work guys! I worked on this game for quite a few years creating models, textures, animations and translating it all into the game engine; for me to see a lot of my work still being used today in a fully playable game is fantastic! I wish you guys the best and I hope to see this ported to newer, more capable engine one day! I'll keeping an eye on the progress!

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