Tower Defense has become a very popular type of game over the past few years, with every internet game site and developer jumping on the bandwagon, but without adding much of anything new to the genre.

One thing that always seemed like a great concept, not only in TD, but any genre, was to have the ability to jump in and play yourself. This is the main focus of Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy Store. The game is built around the fact that anytime you can jump in alongside your towers and take down enemies the way you see fit.

To give you a general idea on the story of Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy store, you play as Tom. Tom is a new hire at the local toy store as the night shift security guard.

Your first night on the job goes horribly wrong. The janitor is fed up with working there, and he creates a computer virus that infects all of the toys! Now with this army his plan is to take over the world! As the night security guard it is now your job to stop the toys from escaping!


First and 3rd Person mode:
- 3rd person mode is your regular tower defense mode, where you can purchase and upgrade your towers at will
- 1st person mode is where the action is at, and you get to fight alongside your towers and help defend against the army of toys headed your way

Character Leveling:
- As you use your character and his weapons, you will unlock skill points to make your character better, or to have a permanent upgrade on the towers you build

Enemy and Tower Variety:
- Multiple enemies and Towers to help keep things fresh and exciting

Epic Boss Battles:
-The boss battles have more than just more health like in any other tower defense, they require you to get in on the action and focus on the weak points!

Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy Store is constantly being upgraded, and a live web version is currently located at You will need the Unity3D web player plugin to play.

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Alright, so what something that I thought I would do for everyone is put up the live alpha version of the game just so everyone can see how the game is progressing and can have some input on features and game play that they would like to see in the game.

Currently the best place to find the game is on my blog at You will need the Unity webplayer to run the game but once it is installed you will be able to play without a hitch.

For those of you that have just started following or this is the first time that you have heard of Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy Store, it is a tower defense first person shooter hybrid, where you can jump in alongside the towers and take out enemies.

The basic story of the game is that you are Tom, a new security guard at the local toy store. On your first night of the job, the janitor unleashes a computer virus on all of the toys and creates an army to take over the world. It is now your job to stop the toys from escaping the toy store and saving the world!

You can also follow Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy Store on facebook at

Hope you enjoy and please give input wherever you feel necessary.

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