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​​ THOSE DAYS is a horror survival shooter and adventure game where players take control of a survivor named Grendall Redwick, which the player can customise with loot around and may even get a haircut from one of the safe encampment around the game world. As Grendall Rewick the player can jog, sprint, walk, and crouch, vault, climb, craft and wiled different range or melee weapons although will gradually breakdown over time and can interact with different non playable characters (NPCS). The player can freely explore frictional region of Wyncliff which serves as an open world, the games open world consist of various locations to explore from cities, towns, forest and much more. The player can also transverse the game open world via various means on foot or by different vehicles like motorcycle, ATV etc. Or by horses that are available in the game world.
As Grendall Redwick the player must keep him in good health by keeping him feed, hydrated, and must avoid diseases such as cold and stay away from poison or bleeding injury. If Grendall Redwick health is low or he is bleeding the player must find a medick or bandage to recover or stop bleeding, should the player choose to ignore thirst, hunger, bleeding, or would not cure diseases Grendall Redwick will die and will be resurrected from the nearest NPC/survivor camp, Grendall may find himself as a prisoner or a patient of the camp depending on his relationship with the inhabitants of the group. As Grendall the player can interact with various NPCS and foam different types of relationship with them both positive and negative etc. which will all affect their views towards him e.g. if Grendall annoys or rob a survivor the survivor can see Grendall as an enemy and even cut trade with Grendall. As Grendall the player can also interact with various wildlife’s for example Grendall can tame a dog and use it as a companion. As Grendall the player can also join different faction, families, brotherhood, weather good or bad which all affect gameplay and may even rise through ranks or just live as a lone survivor.
Throughout the world of those days they are different puzzles that the player can discover and solve for example while exploring the game world the player may get stuck in an abandon hospital not knowing that the door he entered through does not open from inside so the player must need to survive while trying to find another way out through collecting clues, finding, crafting and repairing items, usage of special keys and cards to open certain doors, fighting or sneaking enemies and much more.
As Grendall Redwick the player can scavenge the world for different resources and supplies e.g. food, amour and can highly interact with almost everything in the game world from pushing trash bins, taming a dog and much more, players can also interact with their environment in various ways e.g. can blow up a gas barrel to kill or distract enemies, the player must also be wary of environmental hazards like hurricanes, traps etc. around the game world. The player must also be cautions of hostile wildlife, VMPS, or even bandits which are all hostile towards Grendall Redwick. Also the game features a dynamic day and night cycle, weather system e.g. rain, snow and a realistic natural’s disaster’s e.g. hurricane, earthquake etc. which all affect the game.


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​The game has no main story just a backstory tied to every event in the game that continues to unfold as player plays through the game, the presence of memory triggered events means Grendall can have flashbacks should he come in contact with objects he once knew before the apocalypse, these events might be pleasant or traumatic to Grendall which in turn affects his behaviour and emotions for some times or in-game days depending of the impact on his psychology.
Although communities, families, brotherhoods and other lone survivors that the player encounters throughout the game have their own unique stories to tell, hopes, dreams, problems which the player can get involved in should he choose to.
You could just be driving then encounter a dad and his daughter in a car accident trying to escape a hordes of VMPs (Vamparic Mad Persons), you could choose to save them or ignore the event. Or you could stumble across a drug store and get some medics, then encounter a family with one of their member really ill, you could give them the drug or still ignore, or you meet a group of survivors under sieged by VMPs or meet a group of young survivors called “Dreamers” who still believe in the power of hope and a breathing world somewhere else, you could choose to get involved in all of this and many more. And experience a hard-core intense survival simulation like never before because all you actions and in-actions may have a direct or in-direct consequences on the game sooner or later.
Finally a game that lets you experience a survival through the eyes of a survivor like never before.

Weather, Time Of The Day And Natural Disasters.

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​ THOSE DAYS’s Wyncliff is have a wide range of weather that directly or in-directly affects the game’s world, survivors and wildlife alike....some days it could be snowing, other days it could be raining or just really stormy so watch out and avoid tall structures or you could be stroked by lightning.
The game also features a dynamic day and night system, a really realistic one with a beautiful sky that is really alive also tied to gameplay.
The game will feature different natural disaster such as hurricanes which will be in their most realistic behaviour and effect and could have a divesting effect on the game world directly or indirectly.



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The game world consist of various cities which may or may not be connected to each other. Cities have buildings with most of them being full explore-able. Buildings can be used as a make shift shelter for players or to scavenge for resources and loots such as foods, medications, ammo, weapons, etc. Players can also clear out a building which can be use as a camp or a safe house for the player and their team if any.

However cities contain more VMPs than any other location in the game, being home to a wide range of VMPs classes. Although player can use vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bikes, and ATVs, it is quite difficult to navigate cities in a car due to the streets being usually congested by abandoned and wrecked vehicles.


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Towns are similar to cities , but much smaller in size and usually have less congested streets than cities.


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The Wilderness of THOSE DAYS is composed of mainly lush forest, dark woods, dry country sides, farmlands, marshes, swamps, beaches, caves and rugged mountains.

As beautiful as it sounds as dangerous and daring as it is....

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This Are normal indoor locations of buildings like houses, bars, offices, shops and the likes. That player can search for resources within.


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Hubs are large indoor locations such as sewers, underground buildings, large mansions in those days that the player can get in but requires puzzles, and planning to escape .....However once player successfully escape a hub it becomes opened for player to freely enter and exit at will.....There are many ways a player can escape a hub each with different approach.



Screenshot 1117

Vamparic Mad Persons or VMPs as they are commonly known in the game are a group of humans which have been mutated by an unknown virus which gives them different abilities and allows them to continuously adapt and evolve and are of different classes each VMPs class have different looks, characteristic, abilities, strength and weaknesses they also feed on humans and animals due to their carnivorous nature and are very hostile towards human and animals. Below are a few class
1. The leachers; they are one of the many class of VMPs, the leachers naturally hate light and flee from it therefore they are mostly found in sewer, or inside indoor location of building and post a major treat to exploration of indoors locations and are more in larger building such as an abandon hospital (hub) due to their high stealth abilities
2. The new-borns; are a class of VMPs that are unstable due to the virus not totally occupying them and transformation is still undergoing a minute they are acting like a normal persons while later on they can just turn into a violent VMP and again in to human. So players must observe NPCs carefully so as not to bring a new-born as a friend.
3. Grawlers; are a class of VMPS found mainly in dense forested areas of Wyncliff due to their stay in forest areas they have evolve into a animalistic type of VMPs they have grown hair on must part of their body, they have razor sharp teeth and nails and they are mostly on all four. The grawlers are a major treat to forest explores or forest camp due to their superior agility and speed. So be wary of the dangers of the beautiful forest in Wyncliff it might just be your end
4. Flayworms; are a class of VMPs that live in different water bodies e.g. streams, Lake Etc. Due to their stay in water they have adapted the ability to swim in high speed and develop the ability to breath in water and see in water there by turning amphibious. They are usually found on shores, underwater or sometimes swimming on water surfaces. They are of a high danger to divers or swimmers or even to a person fishing due to their speed and agility and there ability to produce powerful strikes and bites.
5. Exvolvoxs; are the most evolve class of VMPs due to their evolution they have learn how to use weapons, equipment, and even set human and animals traps, they mostly form a family like group and interact together as well as live together mostly in large Abandon buildings(Hubs) and also do different activities e.g. hunt etc. They are the most dangerous class of VMPs due to their superior intelligence and may deploy different tactics to defeat or hunt their prey and are difficult to kill and may even flee or call backup when their health is low, they are also the least in number among the VMPs classes. Think of them something like the baker family in the resident evil 7 biohazard.
6. Reapers; are the less human of all the VMPs classes and are huge and have immersive strength and superior senses they cannot easily be killed due to their high durability. They are found almost in every cities, towns, hub, but mostly not in the forest or water.
7. Mad persons; are the most weak class of VMPs after the new-borns, they have a very unpredictable nature sometimes they are quick and agile while some times they are slow, and lazy, they are found thought out the game world. Do not underestimate them because they are usually found in great numbers the most amazing thing about them is that when coming in groups some are walking, others are running and they can even build ladder with each other or a different structure due to their flexibility. So the player may be shock at what a group of mad persons may do.

Wildlife, Hunting And Fishing.

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Due to the forestation of wyncliff the region where THOSE DAYS is set…. it houses a wide array of wildlife of different species. Ranging from wolves, deer, bears, and even some legendary rare animals the play can encounter from time to time such as a sabre tooth tiger, a dinosaur like create, an ancient large birds, cave lions and lots more. Some creatures are hostile towards player while others are passive.Player can also tame animals such as wolves and dogs as companion for various uses and errands, player should also watch out for poisonous creatures too. Let’s go hunt some game!.....Those days also allows players to fish.


Survivors are non-playable characters that live in the Wyncliff alongside Grendall Redwick, going about their day to day activities that player can interact with in different ways, survivors can interact with each other as well as with their environments. Survivors can be found alone, or as a family, or as an armed groups called Brotherhoods or in large or small camps around the world called communities. Survivors can be hostiles towards players like bandits, bullies etc. Or passive, some maybe neural towards player unless player proves to be a menace.
Player can join survivor groups, weather good or bad and rise through ranks or choose to be alone…..but in times like this…There just might be safety in numbers.


Screenshot 1233 1


​Grendall Redwick can interact with his environment as well as with NPCs in a great number of ways….He could distract other survivors and lure them to a trap, search dead bodies, patch up pieces of papers to find clues and hints, search for items in drawers or cupboards, open a flood gate to cause a distraction or a disaster to protect yourself, repair stuffs, activate levers and switches, discover hidden locations and secrets …etc.


Screenshot 1548

​​Player can ride horses, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs and even cars each with its own unique physics, speed, handling and control handled in a realistic manner.

Crafting, Maintenance, Repairs And Need System.

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In Those Days items are subjected to ware and tire, and can get spoiled or destroyed over therefore items may regularly need service maintenance or repair so they do not break when in use.
Those days allow players to craft different variety of portable items, although more advance items may require the player to make use of advance machines found in different facilities (hubs), factories (hubs), which can be found in the game world, while others can be crafted easily. The game also allow players to cook different meals although players may need to make use of a fire but may need advance things like gas cooker or stove to cook even more delicious meals.
Those features an all-new amazing need system and inspection system that mimic reality at its best that allow player to closely view the condition of each item. While on the other hand need system connect every item to what it need in a realistic way e.g. a flash light need batteries to work, or a bike needing gas to work etc.


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Disease are spread throughout the region of Wyncliff due to the apocalypse and may be contacted by Grendall if care is not taking.
The Game features disease of different kind e.g. cholera which can be contacted by eating of food found in the trash, should the player contact a disease each disease will have different effect on the player and must be cured with its own specific medicine. Also NPCs can be contacted too. So as the popular saying goes prevention is better than cure so play wisely.

Screenshot 1507 1


Screenshot 1440 1

Trading in THOSE DAYS is purely based on the “Theory Of Needs” system, that is similar to the barter system whereby you exchange one thing for the other depending on your current needs and scale of importance, although the value of one good or service maybe highly greater than the other…. For example the player has medicines but is in need of weapons the player can trade his medicines to a survivor who is in need of medicine but has weapons.

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We wish to announce with a great degree of sadness that we are putting the development of THOSE DAYS on a halt because of lack of funds and support. We have already spend a lot in-order to pull this game off and we also made a lot of sacrifices, we are officially putting THOSE DAYS on a pause until we get enough resources to power it's development, the cost of production is really overwhelming for a studio of this size and resources.

Meanwhile Nixalon Studios would be working on something more economical, fun and interesting, which we would be announcing later in this quarter. And profit from this game would be used to fully give life to THOSE DAYS.

We sincerly apologies for this and we really hope you understand. Thank you so much for standing by us, #AlwaysAndForever .

Tales Of Wyncliff.

Tales Of Wyncliff.


The world you see today was a paradise yesterday, once bustling with life and activities. How did it all happen? Keep an eye on THOSE DAYS - by Nixalon...

Hurricanes In Those Days

Hurricanes In Those Days


......Many Survival games come and go, but we've never really had a true SURVIVAL GAME something really realistic that pushes the player to their yield...

Making of THOSE DAYS - Forest 1

Making of THOSE DAYS - Forest 1

News 2 comments

Creating of the forest in THOSE DAYS Part One(1).


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I wonder how you're going to implement "Survive natural disasters such as hurricanes and many more!" coz if you can implement it in a fun way then this could be a very interesting game indeed.

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NixalonStudios Creator

Reply to Omegakill work is currently ongoing on this as it is a very integral part of THOSE DAYS we want it to be a very realistic survival of not just human/living disasters but also natural disasters not many games do that. ...We think most survival games out there are boring and repetitive.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

That's exactly why I asked :) I would love to see something like that implemented in a game and work well, it would certainly make the game stand out from all the other survival games that have flooded steam over the last 4-5 years.

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NixalonStudios Creator

Reply to Omegakill you know it will not just added a layer of reality to the game but also a depth of know indie games on steam especially survival have been synonymous to eat,chop trees, kill and dump animals and zombies,build house and they keep repeating that pattern we want to prove as some exceptional games have done that you don't need a killer or movie budget to make a mind blowing game. ..its just about how well you play your cards. And some games become a chore in the name of adding reality....I assure you will love how nicely everything blend together. .....hopefully we'll make the playable demo available soon.

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It sounds very promising, I will very much be following your project with great interest. Good luck :)

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NixalonStudios Creator

We really won't disappoint you.

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