The game is over all a sand box world builder with both PVP and PVE elements; however, the main focus will depend on the player and her or his choices. Will you play solo or within groups, there will be something for all. Will you be happy to live a peaceful life crafting your wares or do you wish to be an assassin lurking in the shadows to acquire your coin ? Will you find your way to lordship and own your own castle and lands, the sky is the limit. Or will you play one of our unique and limited races , Dragon or True Giant, see more on this under races. Let your imagination run free. There will be a game master present that controls the actions of Key NPC characters, like the presiding King, the Gods of The First Age and with change of quest that fit the ever changing world. Not kill 20 of this and gather 20 of that. Turn in your quest and repeat. Quest will be decided out of necessity, we wish to create a true breathing world.

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Asset list starter area 01 11/10/12 ​ For inspiration and idea's look at games like Skyrim, Assassins Creed, and Chivalry Medieval Warfare ​All items are made of bronze and are tier one items....(Cap Tier 6) ​ ​ Game 1.Small map of starter area 2.HUD... health , inventory etc 3? ​ ​ Player Characters 1.Half Giant 2.Dvergar 1. Half Giant , Black smith Half-Giants: (Player Character) ( 210 ) This character is either male or female. Height: 9 to 10ft. 500lbs.

PhBR - - 63 comments

I have some opnions about this game : this game will be better with Single-Player + Multiplayer and tell us more informations about this game? The First Age will have monsters? Do the crafiting will be like Minecraft ?

You know. "CRYEngine 3 is the next generation Real-Time graphics" but your game doesn't looks too realistic (Well in the images) , but I'll be wating for this game , looks very interesting.

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