A classic story of War, Love and Betrayal on a intergalactic scale.

Meet Sven, a bounty hunter from the planet of Io, who has the power to dilate time and space with the use of a incredible relic, the Dawning Rune. Capable of shooting the user through spacetime itself, the Dawning Rune was able to go back in time to Maine in the 50's where Sven's story is only just beginning.


Turn based active time RPG with dynamic hand drawn pixel art pre rendered backgrounds and stunning cinematics PSX style.

Powerful character progression through the Relic Grid

Open gameplay with story progression, play through the novel by Jake Stephen Jackson

Action elements and noir style cinematic presentation

A Huge galaxy and unique planets to explore, battling tough bosses with stragetic decisions and side quests

An epic musical score that will stay with you forever.

The Dawning Clocks of Time Cartographers expansion includes all DLC released for the game.

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The Dawning Clocks of TIme



"This game is a masterpiece. With such lovable, and memorable, characters such as Sven, Chariot, Kate, and even Moon, The Dawning Clocks of Time stands out as a pinnacle of story writing and video game development achievements. Not only is the game amazing but the book that it is based upon is a miracle in print as well and I am proud to have a first edition copy of what is sure to become a universally loved best seller. I can honestly say that I have never in my life read such a inspiring story before" - Steam

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