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Ten Aces is for players who like to challenge themselves and win thanks to their skill, not their luck. Based on that, any kind of random events were excluded from the game. But in a game where strategy is everything, players must always fight in equal terms. And thus, a point based system was developed guaranteeing that all battles will be balanced. Also stats had to be simple so that players may calculate the outcomes with ease. And last but not least the abilities were added. The abilities is what adds an incredible depth to our game.

While a unit may have a bunch of abilities raising its point cost, an other one may have only a few, or even none. But you have to remember, that the enemy doesn't know what you have until you have used it. So what is more effective? Having a bunch of abilities that are rarely used, or not having them and making the opponent think you got them?

The Multiplayer will be available for everyone for FREE. Players will purchase their characters with in-game currency.

Each Campaign (Single Player) wil be available separately for real currency. Of course packages for many characters with discounts will be available too.

You may find our selling system odd, but for our kind of game it has many of benefits.

  • All players will be equal in the multiplayer
  • Player may purchase as many campaigns they want and whichever they want
  • There will be regularly updated content, easy to access
  • This system allows us to understand better the needs of the players

Remember that we will be including Permadeath in the Single Player campaigns, for you AND the enemies! Combined with our event driven story each playthrough will be unique. Will you kill all your enemies? Maybe someone will come to avenge them. Will you give them a chance to redeem themselves? You could regret it...EVERY choice matters!

Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong. Your only weapons are your strategy and insight. Can you read your opponent? Can you make him think you are losing? No unbalanced battles, no chances, no excuses!

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Battling the Undead hordes


We have been working hard on “Hunters of the
Dead” and here is a picture from the battle, showing our progress. It is in a pretty decent stage. The battle is pretty much finished and we already have the minimum require features for launch. As you can probably understand the battle functions pretty much the same way as in “Plants vs Zombies”. Except for that the Hunters are not “rooted” so the player gets to be more active.

Onto some more specific details now. The game is roguelike, as we have already mentioned, and with every roguelike game, the real challenge is the “Restart” point. It seems very easy for the player, after a long run, to say “Fuck it, I am done with it”. So the trick is to provide the player some bonus on every restart proportionate to the success of the last run. Two possible scenarios exist right now. To provide the player with additional “slots” so that the player can start with more hunters, or to have him unlock new characters to start with. The second one is obviously better, but needs extra content to be created. We will figure it out sooner or later.

Happy Hunting!

Our first Characters

Our first Characters


So it's been a while since our last update, but we've made a lot of progress since then. We got our first characters and enemies ready.

Kickstarter art competition !!!

Kickstarter art competition !!!


Start drawing! We are hosting an art competition on Kickstarter.

Ten Aces Tactics - Versago the Radical

Ten Aces Tactics - Versago the Radical


We are launching a video series called Ten Aces Tactics, showing different unit builds. This one is about Versago the Radical.

Paypal and Greenlight

Paypal and Greenlight


We created Greenlight project and Paypal store


Screenshots look great, keep it up.

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feillyne Staff

Can you upload screenshots without those horrible white frames / white space there (at the bottom / right side)? Any image editing software can cut that (Paint.NET for example).

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Traptics Creator

Yikes didnt notice them. Thanks for pointing. Up in a minute!

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