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My name is Slawomir and I am developing "This is The End" game in my spare time, as a hobby project.

The game combines the squad-based strategy features of XCOM with survival elements; it is based in a steampunk + vermintide setting.

I am doing the development alone; I am working with a pixel artist who creates the graphics for the game.

I am aiming on creating a vertical slice of the game, which is focused on a single tactical mission. There's still a lot of stuff to do, but I am slowly making progress.

If you like to be informed first-hand about any major development updates (including the release of first tech demo!) you can:

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Make sure to leave some comments/questions below - I will appreciate any kind of ineraction. Many thanks for all of your interest!

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Well, premature optimization is the root of all evil, as they say.

It seems that I am not in the "premature" state in the game, as gameplay combat mechanics are already in place. The game seems to be pretty playable but there were significant performance issues - clearly visible FPS drops were happening at given moments. Now, this is not a real-time action game as it is turn-based, but the stutter was real.

Thanks to this YouTube video on Unity performance improvement I was able to find the source of the problem.

The issue was related to the way in which the AI was calculating the shoot/flanking possibilities - basically I was creating helper GameObject instances over and over again, forcing the garbage collection to perform a lot of stuff inside a single frame.

Man, you really do not have this kind of performance issues when dealing with business software development (which I do for a living)..

Anyways, long story short: the game is now able to maintain more or less stable 60 FPS rate. At least at my machine, that is. I really have to test in on some low-end PC as well.

But let's jump to some stuff that is actually interesting - the visuals!

There is a new evac animation (as usual, all this stuff is created by Kurt Prieto, an amazing pixel artist that I am working with) - meaning that there is finally a visual representation of a character leaving the level:

I also replaced the old "overwatch" indicator icon (which was actually using the same old free asset that I used back when working on the "Twin Demon Slayers" game) with something that makes more sense (an "eye" icon).

See this crystal icon? Well I was previolsly using it as overwatch indicator.

Here's that new "eye" image:

There were also numerous smaller quality of life improvements, like behaviour of the camera in certain cases (it was moving too much) or hiding the action points display of enemies as it did not make any sense to show it anyway.

As the game gets more and more finished, testing all the changes takes more time. I have to perform at least a single test combat run (which can take up to 15 minutes) to see how the changes influenced the overall experience. Luckily, I have others to help me! My son (8 years old), who is a big xcom fan as me, happily playtests the game. This allows me to observe the gameplay from another perspective - so I am just sitting in the back and taking notes of the stuff that needs to be altered/fixed. This is so awesome!

Anyways, the game seems to be getting better and better. At least me and my son are having a blast when playing it, so there's already two satisfied gamers - now that's something! ;)

There's still a long way before the demo is ready. I need more graphics, sound and music (spoiler: all of these are already in production), and of course - a lot of more testing and polish.

But hopefully we will get there, and I will be able to give you some stuff to play with. That would already be a huge success for me - actually finishing something playable.

And here's some more gameplay gifs for you:

Flanked shotgun shot


That's it for this week - take care, and have a great weekend everyone!

New weapon and visuals

New weapon and visuals


Vacation is over, time to work on the game! Read more to see what I managed to put in the game.

"This is The End" - pre-Christmas development update

"This is The End" - pre-Christmas development update


Hi - here's a weekly update on the "This is The End" #steampunkratgame.

"This is The End" - new devlog entry

"This is The End" - new devlog entry


As usual, I've created a new entry in the devlog of my "This is The End" #steampunkRatGame.

New devlog entry available

New devlog entry available


New devlog entry for "This is The End" now available. Check out why it's good that the AI finally is suicidal (link below)


This is certainly something in which I'd be interested. Is this project still under active development, or was it abandoned?

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Bryku Creator

Certainly, the project is alive and well!
You can follow the progress on my devlogs on itch.io (https://bryqu.itch.io/this-is-the-end/devlog) or TIGSource (https://forums.tigsource.com/index.php?topic=65119).

Also, do check out my Twitter page: Twitter.com

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