Humanity has been invaded by otherworldly forces using magic. Can you lead the resistance against the oppressors in this fantasy turn-based strategy game to save humanity from becoming slaves of magic?

Planned features

  • Turn-based combat system with procedurally generated maps.
  • Build up the resistance: You will need to build and manage bases throughout the continent and handle researching new technologies.
  • Outsmart the invaders on a strategic level: They have multiple armies conducting missions every month, and it is your job to figure out the best ways to slow down their advance.
  • Manage and upgrade your team: In combat, you will lead a 6-8 unit team which you can fully customize with equipment and skills.
  • Sabotage the invading armies in turn-based tactical combat: Position and teamwork are key to completing your objective.
  • Try again: The game is being built from the ground up to focus on replayability. There are multiple invading forces with different enemies and strategic AI necessitating a different approach.
  • Permadeath. Characters can (and will!) die permanently in combat.

About us

Amethyst Dreamers is a small independent 2 person team from Budapest, Hungary. Our goal with Slaves of Magic is to create a game with great tactical depth, unique game mechanics, and with high replayability. In short, a game we would love to play as well. In designing the game, we took a lot of inspiration from the XCOM series and the original Guild Wars.

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Devlog #25 Devious goblins


800x450 1

Hello everyone!

Firstly, let me thank everyone who tried out the demo and shared their thought about it! It's very important for us to hear this feedback to be able to improve the game. Sadly, as a 2 man team, we don't have the capacity to test the game as thoroughly as I would want, but we are listening, and squashing those bugs you report!

Now with this out of the way, let's talk about the upcoming content patch for the demo!


utilities slot

Those of you who already tried the game out might have noticed that the Smithy projects were rather empty, till the resistance built new bases to unlock new weapons. This will change with the next patch, as we have implemented utilities. These are usually small passive buffs for the units with equipment point costs, that can be unlocked in the projects tab. But there are things like consumables as well, for example, a stamina potion!


New enemies

Another fraction of enemies will arrive in the patch, which will require a different kind of approach to beat. The orks will be an aggression-focused faction, with high health but nowhere near as well equipped as the dwarfs already present in the game. Plus they bring goblins with them as well. Individually weak, but they will fuel the ork battlefield rage by their deaths, plus are hard to hit.


Resistance goals

To give a bit more guidance to the resistance, after researching magic dust, the player will be able to choose a long-term goal for the resistance to reach, from 3 randomly selected goals. Just to say some examples, gather up a specific number of scholars, or have a unit reach level 4. When the player reaches this goal then the plan is to unlock research which will be able to progress the main plot.

Other changes

Besides these, a lot of other small quality-of-life changes and rebalances will come with the patch, listening to the feedback. For example, the tabs on the barracks and smiths and science scenes have been reworked to make it clearer which tab is active right now:


Closing thoughts

So that's it for today's devlog! As always, if you have any questions feel free to drop by to our discord here, and you can find the game on Steam here.

New trailer and demo release

New trailer and demo release


I'm happy to announce that our new trailer and demo are now available!

Devlog #24 Managing the resistance fighters

Devlog #24 Managing the resistance fighters


This devlog is mainly about resistance fighters, more specifically how can they be acquired, and what their level-up means. Plus some gifs about the new...

Devlog #23 Combat changes

Devlog #23 Combat changes


This devlog is about how the combat layer has been changed since our previous demo.

Devlog #22 Base evacuation

Devlog #22 Base evacuation


This devlog is about how we implemented the base evacuation mission.

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