Tales of Zentia is an action-packed RPG that gives you almost absolute control over how to deal with situations, with over 10+ skills ranging from Alchemy to Monster hunting mostly everything is possible. With upgradeable moves such as upgrading your firebolt into a fireball that also does poison damage or making your backstab have a chance to instantly kill your target, play your way. Watch the world change around you as your decisions change areas almost entirely to the point where certain enemies won't spawn anymore or perhaps new more fearsome foes will appear.

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Smithing preview 2


Hello and welcome to the very first update of Tales of Zentia: Rise of the nameless hunter, an action-packed RPG that allows the player to play in their own way, where the goal is to make no two playthroughs the same.

In this update, I'll be displaying a relatively small preview of the smithing system that is currently implemented in Tales of Zentia ranging from simple crafting, enhancing our weapon and then finishing on levelling up our character to allow access to new and improved skills.

Disclaimer: Everything shown here is subject to change and will most likely be different in the future


Smithing isn't a major skill in Tales of Zentia and more so for people that want to have equipment that they've made themselves.

But how do you get started with smithing ?

As you travel around the open-world you will find small veins of ore ranging from iron to mythril and even unique materials with magical properties that have unique effects when used in smithing.

It is also possible to obtain these materials from buying, stealing, finding or kill certain enemies. (Also working on transmuting different materials into others however it is still early in the works and cannot be shown).

Now we need something to do with all the iron ore ?

With iron ore, we can smelt it into iron ingots and for the leather strips, we can get leather from the hides of animals, nice and simple.

Hunting isn't quite implemented fully so I can't quite show it but it should be quite self-explanatory.

There are a ton of weapons that can be crafted ranging from daggers to hammers, with some unique weapons that are specific to areas such as claws or crescent blades each with unique buffs to reinforce their unique design.

This can also be said for armour as well, armour in Tales of Zentia works a little different to other games in RPG Maker as there are seven slots for armour pieces compared to the standard four, this is due to armour having unique bonuses allow you to mix and match to create your own interesting builds to make your character feel even more personalized.


So now that all our gear has been smithed we are now prepared to fight whatever dangers Zentia has to throw at us,

but . . . .

What if we wanted to make our gear even better ?

Well, that is where refining your gear comes in.

Refinement is a bit of a gamble but the chances are set quite low as the chance to obtain a bonus is far higher than the chance of getting negative effects.

this works off of a random chance where it is split into tiers; tier 4 is negative effects the chances are 20% to obtain 1/4 negative effects, Tier 3 is the most common effects you will get these are a two stat increase on one or split over two attributes theses are 60%, Tier 2 is major stat increases which are an eight stat increase across upwards of 4 attributes theses are an 18% chance, lastly is Tier 1 also know as the Ace these are the best possible roll increasing your stats by 14 over 4 stats however the chance is only 2% making it nearly impossible to obtain without serious rerolling.

Level up 14

But what if with your brand new refined weapons you still feel like you're still not strong enough ?

Can I get stronger or will I have to just grind out normal monsters to get real levels ?

Well . . . .

Combat will be a massive part of getting stronger but if you wanted to get stronger in other ways that is fine too, this is why the levelling system was implemented a lot of the perks are in the process of being changed to be more fitting and more related to the skill they reflect,

For the perks, all of them can be levelled 5 times and there are eight perks in every skill tree making forty levels to be obtained there are also two hidden perks that unlock at forty just to round the forty out to fifty with over 10+ skills in the game there are over 500+ levels to gain and over 80+ unique perks to learn and master. It might take a while to show all the smithing perks functioning but the one I can showcase is the first and most important perk the quality increase.

As you can see the more time you put into being a blacksmith the better your products will be, these items can be quite rare as only skilled blacksmiths are capable of crafting quality items being able to craft them will give your party an edge over any opponent that dares face you.


I hope this update has you excited about future updates on Tales of Zentia it is rather ambitious as I'm only one man working on this massive project,

Support the project by share on social media and following the project here on indiedb, I've been doing updates on Reddit if you're interested in the last two updates.



I'm planning on another update tomorrow and the day after just to get out the updated version of my Reddit posts but after those are out consistent weekly uploads in this account.

Any comments I'll be glad to hear from anyone who has any questions about the project.

Thanks for reading



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