just you, your gun, and the Fragment horde.the enemies never stop coming, and your gun never runs out of ammo. how long can you last before you are overrun?
feel the power of the gun attached to your arm as you fire explosive blasts of heat into groups of Fragment soldiers.
slam your powerful foot into the chest of a Fragment and watch as they fly helplessly into their comrades.
roll through clusters of bullets, kicking everything that moves, shoot down everything that you can’t reach with your foot, and show them that you have what it takes to persist in a world that is completely against you and your existence.


SUBSISTENCE is a one-man project, designed with control simplicity, reaction time, and dodging talent in mind. it is a game that starts fast and doesn't stop until you do. every game has completely randomized spawning-- every attempt at survival is different every time. sometimes it starts off nice and easy, and other times a horde of 30+ enemies will all spawn on you at once.

if this project interests you, please consider helping make development a smoother experience by purchasing some of my past work. your funding will help:

  • upgrade my tools (GM8 -> GM: Studio Master Edition)
  • port this game to other platforms (such as Mac and Ubuntu, potential iOS versions)
  • support the development of additional modes, including a full campaign mode and potential multiplayer modes
  • eat, so i can continue being alive, so i can continue making this game

all of the following are pay what you want and directly support Gearbeasts development:

PULSECHASER (arcade shooter) - Navigator (puzzle) - solar inception (music: ambient doomdrone)

check out SUBSISTENCE's sister project, Gearbeasts: Endless Blitz, too!

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the following post is crossposted from alpha six productions.

this weekend, while arguing with people about the game industry and how shit it is, i spent some time working on SUBSISTENCE again, after having a little self-realization that the game is super close to being playable to an extent that i'd be comfortable with a massive public release.

since many SUBSISTENCE animations are temp, i decided to put some focus on the animations for this update.

  • the running animations are completely new
  • i added a different backwards movement animation
  • i added a charge shot animation for the ground and for the air
  • the gameplay has been solidified a lot-- some gameplay exploits have been removed and the experience itself feels much more concentrated
  • the movement engine, collision system, and Denise's physics have been completely re-written to improve control and comfort
  • Gearbeasts's screen-shake system has been ported over for charge shots and confirmed melee hits

the game feels a lot more solid to me now that more animations have been put in place and the gameplay has been refined. the next update will include some more aesthetic effects, and maybe reworked AI? i haven't decided yet. it might even be something completely different. let's just wait and see.

(sorry about some of the really bad lag / slowdown in the video, my computer was not being super cooperative during recording.)


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