Sublimation is a top-down, twin-stick shooter in which you defend a precious crystal against waves of aggressive monsters. Sublimation boasts extremely diverse and intuitive, emergent combat systems. The game play has multiple layers of complexity, and you may upgrade your preferred methods of combat as you progress to increasingly challenging waves. With 5 difficulty settings, randomly generated enemy types, multiple enemy ranks, 4 core magic types, 6 additional emergent types, area-of-effect spells, a counter-attack system with over 20 unique counter-attack spells, mid-air projectile manipulation, and many methods of combining the magics available to you... I hope that you are engaged long enough to discover them all.

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As of 30/07/12, Sublime Squiggle Studios' first release "Sublimation" is now available for purchase and immediate digital download.

The game is a shmup with a very original take on traditional twin-stick combat systems, and may be purchased directly from the game's primary developer site from the link below :

Can you discover and utilise all layers of combat complexity? You can? Easily!? ... fine.


Terrible trailer for an otherwise pretty fun game imo.
I just mean that, I wasn't sold on the vid but bought it anyway just cause xP
The combat feels nice and more reactionary than like... pattern-learning shmoups.
Could use a better tutorial. Took me so long to figure out what to press!
Still, pretty slick gameplay; Maybe for updates add some cool boss fights, extra game modes, etc. Iuno...
But don't take that too negative, I do enjoy it! I'm just ubér greedy :3

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