Strife (released in 1996) is a Doom-engine game created by Rogue Entertainment and published by Velocity. It offered an RPG-like action game, with heavy story elements and voice-acting. Among the features were hub-levels much similar to Hexen, the ability to increase the player's accuracy with most of the weapons, an item that could destroy forcefields, and the ability to raise your maximum health from 100 to as much as 200 permanently. Strife is also the very last commercial game to use the Doom engine.

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LH.IDTech1(Start) Version 0.97

GUIs 5 comments

This my Personal Launcher for any idTech1 Game. I Coded this thing with The main focus in optics and the speed of starting the multiwads, levels.

AudioPack for ZDoom and GZDoom

Audio Pack 2 comments

AudioPack for ZDoom and GZDoom. Now you can use a variety of software synthesizers (FluidSynth, GUS, TiMidity++, WildMIDI) for playback, which make using...

Strife Veteran Edition support for (G)ZDoom

Prefabs 3 comments

this mod does NOT contain any graphics, sounds, maps or any kind of data from SVE.wad itself. This PK3 is intended to be loaded alongside SVE.wad. At...

Simple Strife Mutator

Prefabs 1 comment

This minimod is a mutator (a mod that includes no new graphical assets and relies on TEXTURES-based manipulation of IWAD assets) that takes Strife's Crossbow...

Strife Music Cover / Remaster


All songs from Strife covered with high quality instruments and sample libraries - forget that awkward General MIDI music!

NecroDoom v4

NecroDoom v4

Prefabs 4 comments

NecroDoom is a gameplay mod featuring the Necrosuit, a heavy-weapons exoskeleton capable of delivering large doses of whoopass to anything that moves...

Smart Scavenger v3.2j

Smart Scavenger v3.2j

Prefabs 93 comments

Have you even come across an unavoidable large ammo pickup in a narrow hallway or right in front of a switch, and were forced to pick it up, even though...

Legacy of Strife v2.2


Updated weapon behavior to match the latest release of Insanity's Requiem. Added an inventory Bar to the visor hud. added a working temperature meter...

Legacy of Strife v2.1

Prefabs 1 comment

Fixed the loremaster and his spectre not spawning (finally.) Went back to the ammo method of the previous version both shotguns take the same 4ga shell...

10x Universal mod

Prefabs 1 comment

Take on more enemies then you ever thought you could. Compatible with all IWADs except hacx & chex.wad.. It does work with the sequel chex3.wad though...

Smart Scavenger

Prefabs 2 comments

With Smart Scavenger, those large pickups now break down into smaller pickups if you have more ammo or health than the amount that the pickup would normally...

Psychic beta 5

Prefabs 5 comments

So without further ado, I hereby present Psychic, an insane gameplay mod. The basic premise is simple: You have guns and psychic powers, you can mix and...



Drops some of Strife's vanilla weapons, and spice up the rest with those weapons' abilities, plus some all new functions. New Enemies, and as of WoR2v1.3...

WoR 1.4


A weapons mod for Strife. Its aim: to radically change the way you play, by removing weapons, grafting their abilities onto other weapons, and adding...

Legacy of Strife v2


This mod was built around Sangelothi's strife mod The Martyr using only the monsters and items from the mod and combining it with my SFX overload mod...

Day of the Acolyte

Day of the Acolyte

Singleplayer Map

You wondered though the wilderness, searching for food until you were spotted by an acolyte. The remains of the Order lurks within a small complex, planning...

Absolute Order

Singleplayer Map 1 comment

You wanted it, now you've got it, a 6 map hub for Strife. Requires a Zdoom compatible source port. A rough story? Well ok. Despite the main threat of...

Return of the Order

Singleplayer Map

This is something new, a Strife wad! The Order has returned and has taken over your headquaters. Its up to you to stop them agian. NOTE: PLEASE SEE "KNOWN...

A World in Strife: Raiding the Dam

Singleplayer Map

A large single player level for Strife. Features an mp3 soundtrack written specifically for it (a high quality download of which can be found on the DW...

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Strife: Quest for the Sigil
Windows, DOS
Doom Engine
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