STONEGUARD! StoneGuard is set in the world of StoneGuard. You begin at level one in your kings home village of Shernall, you are start back in time, 40 years before your king, Blood Lord Drake became who he is in the present. You will level up your character atleast the first 20 levels in that past(can leave by talking to a near by Sand Keeper). There will be abilitys, talents, and you will be able to hire up to two other mercs, assassins, or people looking for work(for healing, tank, or dmg). The quests are faction based, the mercs, assassin's,and other people will not be, but if they're in an enemy city you'll be attacked on site.

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For the first few weeks unless I can find people who are willing to work for 25% profit(2 people), I won't get to far with the game. I will do as much scripting/modeling I can. I'm not good at either one of them so I'll do my best. I will not be releasing the game, alpha or beta tests until the game is PERFECT! When the game suits my needs It will be anounced 1 month before release date. I will have 1 trailer released before the game is release(duh). I will have a couple Lets Play and sneek peeks of the game before release too!

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