A real time strategy game for the PC and Ouya. The game is played from the viewpoint of the commander (you) as you try to restore order in Ateria. The game features a unique and well flushed storyline in which the characters truly develop. The game has 3 different campaigns to play from and gives you 12 unique chapters for each. The game is supplemented with an original soundtrack and a novel based on the game. Wide Eyed Games is looking to finish the game with additional funding from a kickstarter campaign this fall.

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Stasis: A New Age Novel


We are proud to announce that coinciding with the launch of our game Stasis: A New Age there will be a release of our novel based off of the game. The novel will provide tons of context and back story to the game's biggest characters and battles. The novel will follow the plot of the game however, it will include events that transpired while you were off fighting a war. We are very excited that everyone will be able to fully experience the world of Ateria! We will you keep you posted here on the indiedb in the coming weeks.

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