Quick pvp shoot em up. Takes 5 minutes or less. Just you, your foe and the game. Dodge bullets and send them to your friends in this pvp shmup. Net play enabled domination! No unlocks! Squids included.

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Hello all!

[ == its released == ]

Today is the day! Stargazer program goes live on steam, challenge your friends to a duel today.

Only for 5.99 USD you get to play through 12 different levels available from the start with no obstructions to action packed fun and online pvp mayhem! Choose from 3 different shuttles, a battlefield and jump into the game with either a friend or AI.

With controller support you can battle it out from your couch to get the full arcade experience.

Check it out here:

Stargazer program steam page

If you are unfamiliar with the game check out these screenshots:

Need a quick break or a few minutes to release stress? This one is for you. You can play against your friends either online or at home!

Stargazer program has a cool campaign too for each of the shuttles with levels made to highlight all the cool stuff:



Here is some gameplay of one of the simpler maps showing off the dueling:

If you want more cool insights check out the other articles right here on indiedb!

Or if you still aren't sure check out the demo:

Download here

Let me know if you like the game and come and have a chat with me in my discord channel:

Discord invite

I share exclusives including a free copy of the game for anyone who joins. I would love some feedback too!

Have fun and enjoy the game!

Demo version out!

Demo version out!


Stargazer program is a dueling shoot em up and the demo is out now! Intense dueling action inside!

Release date announced - Stargazer program

Release date announced - Stargazer program


Stargazer program is set to release in 23rd of may this year. Stargazer program is a quick pvp shoot em up game. In this intense action game you are locked...

Stargazer Program, whats it all about?

Stargazer Program, whats it all about?


Hello humans! Stargazer program is a shmup, its coming soon! This game is all about eliminating the boss in the middle and your foe simultaneously! Will...

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stargazer program demo windows

stargazer program demo windows


This is a demo if you want to try the game for yourself. Gives you a good taste of what is to come.

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