Stargate : The Guardians places the player in the boots of an SG-X team member, The player will get to experience the SGC and an Ancient World Nibiru where the search continues for ancient weapons to help the SGC and Earth to defend against any potential alien attack. However the Goa'uld are also aware of this planet and are sure to hinder the SG teams chances to uncover the ancients greatest secret.

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First Update



The team here at Singularity studios would like to welcome you to our first of many news releases, We have been hard at work discussing of ways how we are going to make this experience different to that of the many SG games/mods out there. We want to create an immersive and intense "edge of your seat" experience, but at the same time staying true to the series.

Stargate : The Search for Nibiru is set between season 7 onwards. The game at this stage will not see any of the previous commanders (Hammond / Landry) or the SG1 team.

Below is a public look at what we are setting out to achieve. (Subject to changes) You will notice that it says one mission, this is not official as we feel that working on a fully fledged story would take a longer time frame to develop.


CryEngine 3 Free SDK



  • SG Team Character 1
  • SG Team Character 2
  • SG Team Character 3
  • SG Team Character 4
  • Additional Gateroom technicians/extra soldiers


  • Jaffa Warriors
  • Anubis Super Soldiers
  • Goa'uld?



  • P90 (modelled)
  • MP5 (modelled)


  • Staff Weapon (modelled)
  • Zat (modelled)



  • Grenade
  • Field Medical Kit


  • Stun Grenade

Demo Events

  • SGC commander will brief you of a high risk rescue mission
  • You will be given the opportunity to kit up yourself at the armoury on level 28
  • Proceeding on mission your team encounters heavy resistance reaching your first objective
  • After completing the first objective, a new objective is to defend the area
  • Upon successful completion of repelling attacks, something will be revealed


  • SGC (Gateroom, control room, armoury/gearing up room, briefing room and connecting corridors)
  • Alien World - Nibiru

Game Mechanics

  • No auto-heal (must use a medkit or be healed by a designated medic)
  • Eventually make location based damage (hit in leg, can't walk, etc..)


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Singularity Studios are currently recruiting for all positions, However we do require all members to be dedicated and motivated to the project, however we do understand that we all have real life commitments. If you are interested in been part of this team please head over to our forum

Foxhound_007 Creator

Cheers guys, well we hope to achieve that studios havent been able to. We also have some nice little suprises and additions to the universe.

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Good luck. Stargate is such a good concept, sporting nearly infinite possibilities and yet it is so underused in the game industry. I hope you guys can make something awesome out of this, I really do.

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