Star Apocalypse is the reinvention of the 4X genre. The game is a real time game of intergalactic civilization, using the computation power of modern computers to run advanced simulations on cultural, technological and societal interaction and development.

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Hello there!


First of all, I wanted to tell you that the sourcecode of the combat prototype is going to be released to the public each moment! Yes, that means you can have a look at it, improve it and use it for yourself! The sourcecode will be released under a LGPL license, which means that even closed source projects may use it. We would appreciate some credit though if our work would get used. The download should be available soon!


We have an official IRC channel now! There are 2 ways to connect:

1. Enter these info's in your IRC client:

  • IRC server:
  • channel: #gamedev

2. Go to the webclient and connect directly from there.We hope to see you on there! It would be great to meet some of the followers of the game!


A hot debate in the gaming industry is about piracy. While many would say that piracy is bad, our development team thinks it isn't, for these reasons:

  1. Piracy is unstoppable. Even if you manage to kill one source of piracy, many more will arise. So it's futile to combat it.
  2. Piracy allows unknown developers to become more known, because piracy is free advertising.
  3. People who want games for free, will still get them for free. Quality games will still get bought by people who really want to support the developers. So actually, piracy is good, because it forces developers to make quality games in order to make profit.

This sums it up quite well, and that's why we don't bother if you'd pirate our games. We'd even see every share as a token of goodwill, since every person who keeps sharing our games along would mean a person who liked the game. And that what it's all about.


Well, I recently have been playing Dune 2 a lot with friends. As you may know, it was the first RTS ever made. I am kind of excited about its design and gameplay. If you look at what is good design for games, Dune 2 has an incredibly good gameplay design. It is simple, yet it offers vast tactical and strategic ways of gameplay. And another nice factor are the worms. They add a nice twist to the game. For instance, an enemy decides to attack you with a large army. You see them coming on the sand, and suddenly... A wormsign pops up. Moments later, his entire army has been devoured by worms, and you mount the counteroffensive using carryall-assisted airlifts to avoid the worms. This adds a huge dynamic to the game, which keeps the game exciting till even the end. I really like this way of adding twists, and have hardly seen that recently in games. I hope some games containing this will return soon, and otherwise, I will make my own one.That was it for this time.

Leaving your comments and thoughts on this post is greatly appreciated! You can also always contact us in our IRC channel!-- Roberto aka Dirtbag007/Robske

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