Spaceport-X v0.1.4 alpha

Thank you for downloading Spaceport-X, a simulation of ongoing activities at spacex starbase launch complex located in Boca Chica, Texas.

The purpose of this release is to give people an opportunity to test stacking starship and booster onto the launch mount. Feedback would be appreciated.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Download zip file from Create new directory on one of your drives. Unzip all files into this new directory. Double click Spaceport-X.exe executable file, to begin.

Use the forks, crane, cherry picker, elevator and quick disconnect arm to complete the stacking of starship on top of booster as close to perfect as you can visually.
You can launch starship, but it is not at all correct or pretty yet, this is the extent of the programming to date. I hope you enjoy.

Sequence of events:
1. Rotate QDArm away. o key.
2. Close forks on booster and lift booster. B, V, PAGE DOWN keys.
3. Rotate forks over launch mount. G and H keyes.
4. Center booster over launch mmount using G, H, Home and End keys.
5. Lower booster onto launch mount. PAGE UP key.
6. Open forks over and away from booster so you can move starship into place. PAGE DOWN, PAGE UP, B and V keys.
7. Raise starship using crane. Keypad 2 key.
8. Rotate crane left over launch mount. Keypad 0 key.
9. Lower starship onto mount
10. DESTROY CABLE. Keypad 5 key
11. Maneuver forks into position and raise Starship high over booster.
12. Rotate forks over booster
13. Align starship over booster using G, H, HOME and END keys.
14. Lower starship onto booster.
15. Move forks away from stack.
16. Launch Booster. Z key.

"U" Up Elevator
"N" QDA floor using Elevator
"D" Down Elevator
"V" Start Tri Vent
"F" Stop Tri Vent
"E" Start Engines
"T" Stop Engines.
"P" Pull back QD arm
"M" Attach QD arm
"K" Rotate QD arm in
"O" Rotate QD arm away
"1, 2, 3, 4, 5" Next Camera
"G" Rotate Claw Left
"H" Rotete Claw Right
"B" Forks Open
"V" Forks Close
"PAGE DOWN" Lift Forks
"PAGE UP" Lower Forks
"HOME" slide booster or starship forward on forks
"END" Slide booster or starship back on forks
"9" Rotate CherryPicker Boom Left
"0" Rotate CherryPicker Boom Right
"Y" Extend CherryPicker Boom
"U" Retract CherryPicker Boom
Keypad 8 Crane Line Down
Keypad 2 Crane Line up
Keypad 1 CraneBoom Forward
Keypad 3 CraneBoom Back
Keypad 0 Crane Rotate Left
Keypad . Crane Rotate Right
Keypad 5 Crane Destroy Cable
"Z" Launch stack

1. New Starship model
2. Crane model and functionality partially implemented.
3. Booster model added.
4. Filo Cable Simulation purchased and used as the cabling soltion for crane ingame.
5. Forks on launch tower implemented.
6. Truck dropping off liquid oxygen implemented.
7. SPMT transporting starship and booster from Processing facility to launch complex partially implemented.
8. Booster and starship stands in front of launch integration tower, added.
9. Ability to see into one of the LOX tanks to check fill level, partially implemented.
10. Ability to use forks to lift booster onto launchpad, added.
11. Use crane to lift starship, rotate over the stand and lower onto stand, added.
12, ability to use forks to lift starship onto booster added.




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Spaceport X

Spaceport X


Spaceport-X is an attempt to create a detailed simulation of ongoing activities at spacex starbase launch complex located in Boca Chica, Texas. Here...


the elevator dont work

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SchallerF1 Creator

Sorry for the late comment. You are the first. You have to be on the elevator for it to go up with U key. Its the trigger. I hope this helps. Again, sorry for the delay, new version incoming soon. Will make sure elevator is working.

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