Gameplay follows the classical canons. Each player takes on a particular profession: captain, safety officer, engineer, scientist, botanist, physician, and others.

One of the players is a traitor, in order to sabotage the work of the staff by one or more ways: kill someone, steal something important, disable the systems or completely destroy the station, while staying alive at the same time. The task of the lawful personnel is to execute the goal of their professions, in a global common goal of the project stations and stop the criminal by eliminating or arresting him, pre-proving his involvement in illegal actions.

The game’s main focus for the player is to roleplay his character and experience maximum immersion in the atmosphere of a research space station. To this we contribute both amazing graphics and elaborate game mechanics - simulation of atmosphere, anatomy, engineering, and of course, realistic interaction with the environment. Everything you see in the game has its own purpose, it can be recreated and destroyed.

Great attention is paid to the roleplay interaction system. You do not have to portray your emotions in text form - almost everything you need has its own animation and meaning. If the security officer ordered someone to kneel and put his hands behind his head - this player will be able to do this by following the role of law-abiding character, allowing the officer to make an arrest and fasten handcuffs on their hands. The offender in such a situation may with impunity try to resist arrest. Postures, gestures - now they are visible effects.

Heavy legacy of the original Space Station 13 - metagame, powergame, grief – is all eliminated by unique roleplay controlling game mechanics, while there is almost no loss for the player’s freedom. You can be the villain, killing others for no reason - but be prepared for the fact, that the game will reduce your roleplay rating, leaving you without possibility to join players with a good reputation. However, it is worth considering that such a system for evaluating actions not only punishes, but also gives you the opportunity to rehabilitate. You do not have to justify yourself publicly to the community and look for loopholes. Now everything is fair.

In addition to the official servers, players will have the opportunity to create their own rooms, which are formally identical in functionality, but deprived of the roleplay controlling system and skill levelling mechanics.

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Welcome message


It's time to report on what it will be and set the record straight:

* Futurism (the action takes place in the era of stellar expansion at the research station)

* Realism (all mechanisms, devices, actions are as close to reality as possible and to what will be supposedly real in a
few dozen years)

* Classes (starting with a simple assistant, your character will be able to develop in one of the proposed areas, gaining
access to unique actions and technologies)

* Role system (the qualites of the characters are used in the calculation of game situations, it is possible to improve
skills in the performance of tasks, and higher skills allow you to climb the career ladder)

* Sandbox (the station can be build from scratch by extracting resources, improving aggregates, varying the strength,
design and fillings)

* Gravity (subjects obey the Newtonian laws, the gravity generator turns on, turns off, changes the vector of action)

* Atmosphere (in case of depressurization, the entire contents of the room will be carried to space, including people

* A damage system (Some details can be torn, chewed, crumbled, a holes can be made with torn edges leading into the open
space, human parts can torn off from the bodies, in the end, the whole station can be blown to hell, And blame himself
those who did not reach the lifeboat)

* Hacking (possibly unauthorized entry into any electronic stuff present at the Station - this is useful to a spy from a
competing company whose task is sabotage)

* Multiplayer (the game is cooperative-oriented, which means performing tasks and eliminating threats through constant
interaction and a sense of the shoulder, there are about 8 game modes that will be activated dynamically during the game
session, therefore, you can never understand in advance whether you need to look for a traitor or prepare for invasion of
a foreign form of life, equipment malfunction or meteoric rains, the principle of realism is observed here - everything is
like in life)

The forerunner of this game is still Space Station 13, but the name will change, leading away from the line of Space

This will affect the brand, but not the filling, as we plan to stick to the initial ideas.

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