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RSS Updates 5/11/2011

Some updates, especially regarding the inventory of the characters.

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UPDATES 5/11/2011

Player Inventory.

So... let's start.
Something that I forgot to put in the description up there, is that the script D&D-style Restricted Inventory and Advanced Chest System by Overlord_Dave is in the project as well with some minor tweaking. For all of you that don't know what this script does, it basically adds weight to the items you hold, a maximum amount of weight you can hold and chests that remembers which and how many items you put into them.

Today, during my normal Italian breakfast consisting of milk, coffee and cookies, I realized something. The way I managed the maximum amount of items your party can hold, was just plain lame and unrealistic.
What I made was a "Common Event" ( In short: a series of commands that can be used in whichever map you are and call whenever you like ) always called via normal events, which, depending from the variable that controls how many party members you have, changed the amount of items the party can carry during their adventures. Now, it's sounds okay, but you soon realize:
"How is possible that three kids can hold the same number of items of three adult warriors?"

See? Now there's something wrong with it. Sooo... what I did? Well, I basically said "screw you" at it by redoing it better. A lot.
This how the Common Event now calculates how many items you can hold:

Variable A = Total party Strength stats + Extra units depending on which characters you have in your party ( they range from 1 to 6 and every character has its own ) + Number of Party Members * Number of Party Members
Variable B = Total party Defense stats / 2
Then, it proceed by calculating the final amount:
Max amount = 55 + Variable A + Variable B

Also, obviously, your equiped armors and weapons count in the amount of items your party is carrying around. It gives a new reason to level up and increase the stats of the characters.
Also, it makes the three different versions of the Weak status more of a pain in the ass, since they mainly decrease Defense and Strength stats.
The Common Event is called when you switch Party Members and by normal events, and it's called via Switch, in the Scripts, after a battle and when you go back to the map after closing the menu ( The Switch goes off right after the final amount is calculated, preventing the Common Event from flooding CPU and memory ).

Side Quests.

So, yeah. I stopped working for a bit on the main, detailed quest, and started working on the first two side quests. The sidequests, and the almost free exploration of all the areas ( well, "almost" because you can't go too far anyway since you have to proceed with the main quest ), will be available as soon as you finish the introductory part of the game, 20-40 minutes after the beginning without counting a bit of level grinding.

Skills/Spells Shops.

Really. I don't think it needs a description. They will be available, as for side quests, shops and other stuff, after completing the introductory part. With the currency of the game, you'll be able to make the characters learn new spells and/or skills.
Credits goes to Nechigawara Sanzenin for the script.

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