Sky-Light is a first person online shooter with lots of weapons and features. Search a Server, join the battle and unlock new weapons and achievements. Choose your side, your weapon, your battlefield, support your team and win the war! Sky-Light is in development. It’s a scifi and realtime shooter. We don't want a pure scifi game, we want modern realtime weapons of today and a normal world. Nothing changed, exept the war. Fight against people from a different future and save the people of the earth. You can choose between normal rifles, heavy weapons or a lot of more weapons like railguns. Choose a vehicle like a tank or a jeep or steal the enemys futuristic vehicles! Give your team mates orders, play as soldier, medic, sniper, scout or commander. For each class, you can explore new skills and features.

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Game Launcher released


We uploaded the new Game Launcher v0.1B!

Firstly, why you need this Game Launcher?
With this Game Launcher you can easily change important Game Settings. For Example now its possible to change the Resolution in seconds! You can also enable or disable Bloom Effects, DOF, Lens Flares, your Player name etc. ! This is why you need this Launcher. In the first Beta Version of Sky-Light, you can change some important features InGame too.

Preview - How it looks like
The Launcher has a simple layout and 3 Buttons with all the functions you need to play and modify the game.

This is the Main Page of the Launcher.

This is the Main Page of the Game Launcher. You can press "Play" to start the Game, Exit to close the Game and Settings to change the Resolution. Edit the Video Settings, Gameplay Settings and more or click on Help if you have bugs, errors or you dont know what to do, so easily contact our Support!

Settings Page of the Game Launcher v0.1

This is the Settings Page of the Game Launcher v0.1. With the newer Version, you can also edit the Gameplay Functions and features. We add in newer Verison a lot of things!

The Game Launcher is in all newer Version of Sky-Light (v0.0.5.4+) included.

UU-Productions - News Link:




Sky-Light released, you can download it from our main page. Its an Alpha Version, not a Beta or the final Version!

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