Hello! We are pleased to present you a new interesting and exciting game "Shaky Tower". The main goal of this game is to relax from routine, worries and relieve stress. However, there is room for competition! Each tower block brings you closer to world leadership and, as a result, gives you even more pleasure. Manage to take part in the formation of the leaderboard and write your name on the historical tablets that all players will see! Shaky Tower is designed by a young indie team that is full of ideas and enthusiasm. The game is developing rapidly, so you have the opportunity to participate and influence its development.

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CPU GPU Performance


The program allows you to assess the performance and stability of your device, for example, calculating how many individual elements the video core can render without losing FPS.

Custom settings for processor and video core load. Flexible choice of the number of cores. Selection of the number of elements for rendering, comparison of statistical data from real devices, display of battery temperature. Soon, test templates and benchmarks will be added, along with a complete smartphone characterization.

If there are suspicions about the device's performance or you want to check its stability under a specific load and the quality of the device's cooling, this program can be utilized.

Currently, there are few reviews collected because the application is relatively new (less than a month as of today). However, some reviews highlight the stability of the performance and the interesting collection of statistics.


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