This is a First Person Graphic adventure about Anxiety and Neurosis. You'r name is Octubre. You'll find imaginary beings. Some only want friends. Others do not.

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Sidness Announced


After learn a lot about the engine called Unity 5: I decided to do something, something that reaches the people, inside. I would like to inform all of you what i have done so far. Thanks to all who support me. I hope I can give you something worth.

I feel i are at about 10% game completion.
Feel free to browse through the pictures or ask me any questions you may have in the comments section of our profile.

Here some pics:13662530 233400847054630 6774392

As you can see, the game has Parrallax effect, Ambient Occlusion and other shaders.

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Has real-time reflections and bloom too.

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And this sphere is your worst enemy
It's your self-esteem


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