Mukti is a first person story exploration game setup in an Indian Museum that revolves around one of the hard hitting social issue globally, human trafficking!

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Vikram Roy was on his biggest excavation to the mesmerizing lands of Sundarbans in West Bengal for discovering the ruins of Pala Dynasty. Nearing the end of the excavation, news broke out all over that Vikram and his colleagues executed mass killing of a tribe protecting the dynasty to acquire the centuries-old artifacts from the excavation and they are on a run!

Play as 'Arya', Vikram's grand daughter exploring the insides of this beautiful Indian museum filled with rich heritage and culture to unfold the truth behind the mystery and Vikram's whereabouts.



  • An enthralling mystery and an emotional journey through the life of trafficked humans
  • Beautiful state of art architecture of a museum with staggering collection of historical and cultural artifacts and scenarios from India
  • A captivating story and narratives that keeps you on the edge of the seat
  • Interactive puzzles that drive the story
  • Explore age-old artifacts and learn about the background/information/historic events throughout the museum
  • Interesting Camera functionality to capture pictures of fascinating artifacts/scenes throughout the museum the way you want
  • A game with a cause
  • Unique motion poster-like cutscenes to drive the story with emotions
  • A custom-built dictionary that pops to explain the regional language and words
  • Divine Indian music based on scenarios that keeps you engaged

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Show! Don't Tell...



Hence, it is important for any developer to ensure their vision is perceived as they want it to be seen.
Vikram expected his life to change after his excavation trip. Unfortunately, he was right. The care-free and forgiving Vikram turned into a determined, merciless go-getter. We wanted players to see how and why Vikram turned into an immoral escapee that people are accusing him of. Hence, we decided to show what happened to him through his own voice. Player changes perspective and travels with Vikram Roy from the west coast of India (Mumbai) to the east cost of India (Sundarbans) as Vikram shares each positive and negative experience of the trip.

Delivering that vision was and still is a difficult task. We had the story written down and we wanted the whole team to see exactly what we had in mind. Therefore, we started sketching out each part of his journey for all the artists and designers to be on the same page as writers.

The conceptualisation helped the team members add their own slice of insight to develop the story and setting further. Now, all of us have a unified vision & we know exactly what to deliver for Mukti to be the best Indian Narrative Adventure

Multiple narratives to support Progression

Multiple narratives to support Progression


How Multiple narratives can be worked to support Progression

The Universal language for designing Videogames: The Start

The Universal language for designing Videogames: The Start


If you were asked to travel around the world with a set of cards and asked to play ‘Go fish’ with everyone you meet, would you be able to do it?

Mukti – How it all started?

Mukti – How it all started?


A provoking thought that gave birth to our game, Mukti!

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