Shattered Mankind is a tactical and dynamic FPS set in a post-apocalyptic Japan. Parkour is the main feature: you can climb anything, vault over low obstacles, roll, slide on the ground, etc. Fight with your team to win the battle. There is a lot of content: many weapons, 5 maps, 3 game modes and a lot of features that make the game very immersive. This game aims to combine ArmA 3's realism with Mirror's Edge freedom of movement. We really want to shape the game with the community feedbacks so don't hesitate to give us your opinion. It is currently on Steam Greenlight. You can upvote it to help it become official and available on Steam.

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Shattered Mankind : a new genre of realistic FPS

SHATTERED MANKIND: THE BLACK SUN is a tactical yet very dynamic multiplayer FPS . It is set in a post-apocalyptic Japan. It aims to combine ArmA 3's realism with Mirror's Edge's freedom of movement .

In a near future, an unknown civilization came above the earth in a ship so gigantic that it often eclipses the sun. We call them the Invaders. They scatter their technology on the battlegrounds and watch us kill each other to get those powerful supplies. Since then, humanity is nothing but a word. The few who survived the apocalypse have divided into hostile groups. Some of them worship the Black Sun, some of them form military communities, etc . Each group has its own distinct ways to survive.

Teamwork is key to victory: you can choose between 4 different roles each benefiting their team in their own way. Each role has its own alien ability, its own gadget and a good variety of weapons to choose from.
The game is still in an Alpha stage but there's already a lot of content.


  • a deep parkour system that offers infinite freedom of movement (you can swim underwater, climb up high obstacles, vault over low obstacles, slide, roll on the ground, lean left and right, etc). You can basically climb everything
  • a realistic gameplay that requires a lot of skill (easy to learn, hard to master).
    Weapons have heavy recoil. Bullets drop, bounce and penetrate surfaces realistically. There's not many indications about ennemies on the HUD
  • 3 playable maps (and we're already working on 2 new ones) varying from vast islands to dense cities, undergrounds, etc
  • 20 weapons of all sorts and each being unique
  • 4 different roles each using their own arsenal of weapons, alien abilities (that can be used every X seconds) and gadgets (see the gifs below) etc to bring victory to your team (similar to Battlefield classes). Those 4 roles are medic, gunner, saboteur and scout
  • 2 game modes: Sector Conquest and Sabotage (a game mode in which the defending team has to prevent the attacking team from destroying all the supply crates)
  • a good variety of musics composed specifically for this game
  • a solo VS AI mode to train against bots on any map
  • a dynamic weather system that makes every match unique (rain, wind, thunder)
  • at the start of the match, randomly sets which doors are locked which makes every match different
  • a complete communication system which lets you chat through global, team and squad channels

Scout's stealth camo (gadget = rangefinder)

Gunner's bulletproof dome (gadget = ammo bags)

Medic's healing station (gadget = nanohealing pistol)

Saboteur's toxic grenade (gadget = grenade launcher)

A lot of content will be added as the development progresses. We are working hard on more maps, game modes (Battle Royale, etc.), vehicles and many more features as well as improving the current features and assets.

Work in progress vehicle

Please keep in mind that we need funding for hiring more developers (we are currently only 2 working on this game) and for expensive programs that will make the graphics, animations etc a lot better.
If you like the project please make sure to follow it here but also on Steam, our official Facebook and YouTube pages.

Thank you.

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