Seelentanz (German for “Soul dance” or “Dance of the Soul”) is the fantasy role-playing experience of your dreams. Set in a war-torn world created by the gods as a stronghold in their eternal conflict with the nightmarish creatures that inhabit the tumultuous Æthyrs, Seelentanz is a role-playing game developed for and by fans of classic role-playing games. The goal of Seelentanz is to create an immersive, emotional gameplay experience that is both extremely challenging and rewarding. Unlike many modern role-playing games, which aim to streamline the mechanics of the genre to appeal to a broader audience, Seelentanz features systems meant to appeal to the fans of more traditional role-playing games. In Seelentanz, you play as a character that is both unique and entirely your own, and are released to explore a brutal and dangerous world with your friends. But be careful, for this is no ordinary adventure – this is Seelentanz!

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Update #10


Logo Concept

These are the latest news for our project:

NavySeal is currently busy creating a basic pick-up system that can be used to gather ingredients and other materials such as flowers, berries or vegetables that can be found in the game's world. The player will be able to use most of these items in the different crafting systems.

Due to some issues with Blender and UDK I switched to Maya taking my character models with me. Since I'm not that familiar with Autodesk products it will take me some time to figure out nice and efficient workflows with that software. If you know any good Maya training resources that would speed up the learning process please share them with me.

Adam updated his town assets for our first level. They now feature more detail than before and we are about to put them into UDK.

Town WIP - Update

We also created a set of different shaders/materials in UDK that will allow us to put more detail in the game. This includes moss growing on objects, water reflections when it's raining and snow covering objects.

Notes on the profession-system
This week we discussed different ideas for the profession-system that will be available in the game. We decided on 6 major professions: Alchemy, Cooking, Enchanting, Hunting, Smithing and Tailoring. Each profession will have its own unique set of skills and the player will be able to acquire skills for all 6 skill trees. However he will only be able to max out one of them.
All professions will be essential for the gameplay. Basically you could make a living in the game by only following one of the different professions.
Furthermore we are going to introduce dependencies that require players to cooperate with other players with different professions to unlock the full potential of their own profession. For example this could include a hunter that needs the master-knowledge of an alchemist to create an essence which covers his scent so he can sneak up on a special animal which is actually a valuable asset for the chef and his cooking-profession.

Here are some more notes on the different professions:


  • creating potions, poisons and powders by refining and combining different ingredients gained from plants and other sources
  • requires the use of alchemic tools like alembic, mortar & pestle, ... which will all have different effects on the ingredient
  • includes collecting skills for alchemical ingredients such as poisoned flowers that will harm anyone who touches them


  • preparing meals from several ingredients that can be found in the world
  • the effects of the meal vary depending on the skill level of the chef
  • cooking newbies will only waste ingredients or even create meals that cause food poisoning


  • a profession that requires magic knowledge
  • used to place enchantments on items to boost their powers (curses are also possible)
  • enchantments will be affected by the daytime; certain enchantments will also require special rituals
  • there are several spots in the world that offer special enchantment opportunities


  • includes fishing
  • certain skills are required to gather trophies such as teeth, horns or even the coat from the prey
  • special animals may only be hunted by master level hunters


  • creating armor, weapons and misc. items from different materials that can be found in the world
  • requires the use of smithing tools like forge, anvil, furnace, ...
  • blacksmith also possesses certain skills to create jewelry


  • a tailor mainly creates beautiful clothing from different materials which can either be used as equipment for mages or casual clothing for other characters
  • a tailor may also create one of the various other helpful items in the game such as backpacks and cloaks

That is a quick overview about our ideas so far. Of course there are way more awesome and even absurd ideas revolving in our team. LOOK OUT! It is the evil bear of bad mining skills (He will eat all of us because we are a disgrace to his profession!). Yeah that is what we do all day long - sitting around and discussing about weird ideas. But if you also have any cool absurd ideas be sure to leave us a comment so we can introduce them to the game.

Anyway. That is all for Update #10. Again if you have any questions or feedback just leave us a comment. We appreciate any ideas submitted by the community.

Have a nice day
The Liquidbox Team

Update #9

Update #9


These are the latest news for our project. Two weeks have passed since our last update.

Monthly Update #1

Monthly Update #1

News 3 comments

This is our first monthly update. A few weeks have passed since we released the latest information regarding our project. Now here are some news.

Weekly update #7

Weekly update #7

News 1 comment

These are the latest news for our project. We have decided on a roadmap to release a basic prototype of the game this year. Furthermore there are some...

Weekly update #6

Weekly update #6

News 1 comment

These are the latest news for our project. We have gained a new concept artist and re-worked the design of our indieDB project page.

RSS Files
Seelentanz - Development Concept PDF

Seelentanz - Development Concept PDF


This is the development concept document for our project in .pdf file format. It's mainly for people interested in joining this project so they can get...

Seelentanz - General Concept PDF

Seelentanz - General Concept PDF


This is the general concept document for our project in .pdf file format. Feel free to check it out and give us feedback if you like.

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scottellison92 - - 492 comments

so its only multiplayer and no single player?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Neovertex Creator
Neovertex - - 11 comments

Of course there will be a few ingame activities that a single player will be able to handle but since we are aiming for some sort of parlour game most parts will heavily rely on the co-op based multiplayer.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
TinyWorlds - - 74 comments

Hello, I'm from Germany and develop a RPG, too. It is called Kelgar:
The both downloads on gamefront output a 403 error :(
I do like the sound for the mineshaft, except the wind. It is annoying and doesn't fit. We do currently work on a mine too, and we will use drop sounds and background music for the ambiance.
Oh and I do like the name and the ingame art, but I hate that you use UDK, it does not run natively on Linux.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
GiulioAdriano - - 8 comments

I'm awaiting this game very anxious :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Roh - - 373 comments

Good to see a project like this. I think it's inspired by feelings similar to my own. "The game I want to play doesn't exist and isn't being made. I should make it myself!'.

The difference being it seems you all may have some skills to work with. You all are even working on a project that leans toward the type of game I want to play! Wish you guys the best of luck and will surely give it a try if it becomes available to me! Good luck!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
PiotrMi - - 41 comments

Looks really good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
DarkOnyx - - 99 comments

I also read your PDFs and as a german RPG-Player and fan of old german RPGs and fan of such RPGs you would probably like I just can say: I am amazed! Your Concept sounds great and more than just worth playing it! Always dreamt of such an epic immersiv RPG, which I can really play with my friends.
Just one thing there is I wish you would implement ... crossbows ;P

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Neovertex Creator
Neovertex - - 11 comments

We'll try to make this dream come true. :)
About the crossbows: We'll probably add them in a later stage of the game. In comparison to other RPG's we're right now focusing on background stories and roleplaying instead of the combat system but there will be a variety of weapons at your disposal in the end.

If you have further ideas let us know. We're always happy about feedback and ideas from the community.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
DarkOnyx - - 99 comments

Haha yeah I was just joking. I really like crossbows! But I will play this game even without them! :) If I get any ideas I will let you know and I will track this game like a stalker x]

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Insolent. - - 669 comments

Having read the concept PDF, this sounds like a very interesting project with many innovative and bold features that I have often wished for in an RPG. Tracking.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Neovertex Creator
Neovertex - - 11 comments

Thanks for the feedback and especially for taking the time to read our concept document. We really appreciate it.

If you have further ideas, wishes or even criticism just let us know.

Reply Good karma+3 votes
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