Second-Gear is a roundbased strategie-game and can be described as a blend of Magic the Gathering and Warhammer. Even though the tradingcard part of the game will take a huge place the focus of it is the strategy! There will be absolutly no luck or skill required to win a game and of course it won't be necessary to get the best units to win a match.

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Foreign icons in concepts?


I like to use icons and pictures I find on the internet in my games to see how they could look like when they're finished. The question is: Is this a crime?
On my pictures of Second Gear for example you can see some Art from Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft. Is it a crime using such pictures for a demonstration of how my game could look like someday?

I mean it could be. I have not drawn these things and I don't have the copyright so maybe I shouldn't post screenshots with foreign icons. But on the other hand I dont earn money with these things and I dont stop the owner from earning money ether. So why shouldn't I use them?

Let's say Im not allowed to use those Icons then what about the use just for me as a developer? It's much easier for me to just search Google for something I need and just put it into my game then to draw it myself.

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