RUiN is a bold statement, a call to action. It might look like a MOBA, but have no doubt - farming minions and enduring matches spanning three decades is a thing of the past. We don’t dwell on the past. RUiN delivers a huge pool of abilities, fat dynamic arenas and 5 million tons of intense PvP action. It’s a skill-based, team-based and fun-based brawler that aims to make you and your friends scream, smile and cry, all at the same time.


  • King of the Hill Style Action
    Offense and defense, they serve the same force. It’s blast, or get blasted.
  • Dynamic Arenas
    Arenas are out to kill you just as much as the opposing team. Hazard zones? Turrets? Each arena is unique, each having a mechanic installed for the sole purpose of smacking you around.
  • Customizable Skillset
    Your setup getting boring? Switch it up. There are no classes; your “class” is defined by the abilities you select.
  • Team Play
    Instead of the free-for-all Warlock-style combat, RUiN is based on team play. Optimize your teams abilities and wreck curtains.
  • Accessibility
    Rounds range from 3-5 minutes. No fluff, it's punch in, punch out.
  • Draft
    For those interested in smoking everyone else - do not worry, there will be ranked play where spells are drafted in a, supposedly, more civilized manner.

RUiN is still in pre-alpha, but the sooner you sign up, the more likely you are to snatch a spot. If luck is with you, one might even be granted a spot in the public alpha, due for the winter of ’15.

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We've been preparing our Greenlight campaign for RUiN for a while now and yesterday, it finally went live! It's gone well so far and we're already closing in on the top 100s. If a huge pool of abilities, fat dynamic arenas and 5 million tons of intense PvP action sounds good to you, you should totally check it out!

Check it out here >>

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