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Announcing we are joining with W3D Hub, further strengthening the W3D community.

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Today I would like to announce that ECW would be merging with W3D Hub. This is an exciting move for us as it should get us some better attention and will further integrate us with the Renegade community (Something we lost when we moved to standalone).

This will mean many changes for the web based parts of ECW, the plan is to drop use of these forums and our own sub forum will be created inside of the W3DHub forums. We will be keeping the ECW homepage and online score system, and the player records will still be stored locally on our server.

While this does come at the cost of our own forums we gain much more in return:
*ECW will be part of the W3DHub launcher, which will also list TSR, BFD, AR and hopefully even stock Renegade. Having ECW listed on the launcher will mean more players will see the ECW server and give it a try, in addition, it will also mean that it’ll be easier to see when players are in game (whether it be ECW or another w3d based game) thus allowing the player community to be much more active.
*The activity on W3DHub’s forums is much higher, meaning every user post will get far more attention.
*The PR capabilities of W3D Hub far out weight what we had going for ourselves (or at least is more organized).

While it will probably still be a month at least before we make the switch (this is just a guess, who knows, it could happen next week). I would still like everyone in the ECW community to go and register at . The W3DLauncher will eventually use the forum logins to allow you to join the ECW server (much like our current launcher does) so it’ll be best if you reserve your user names sooner rather than later. Also, please let me know when you register, I’d like to make sure anyone that was staff here on the forums is at least tester level on W3D Hub, that way you can all enjoy fresh releases form TSR and ECW before they hit the public.

With that said, I must apologize for the server down times, and the lack of production ECW has been seeing the past few months. I recently became part of Tiberium Technologies and have been spending a lot of time working on base Renegade (adding new features and other thins that will hopefully be used by ECW someday). As for ECW, I have been doing a little bit of work on it, and there is a lot of new content that I have had sitting around, that just never got pushed as I have not got a patch ready, I’ll post all this new info when ECW makes its first post on the W3D Hub forums!

P.S. We plan to play a few rounds of ECW tonight, any one that is available should join so we can see just how high we can get that player count! The planned time is in about 5 hours (4:30 Central Time).

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