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The download has been uploaded, install instructions listed here if needed! :D

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Actual Installer coming shortly!Installation:
*By default it will “install” to program files(x86).*Change your resolution and other options by launching config.exe (run it in admin mode).*Next launch ECW, if you can't launch the client, install .Net 4.5 (
*Once the client has been started you can double click on the server, where you will be prompted with an entry for user name and password (just like XWIS) just enter in any user name and password. Make sure it is something you like as all player records, perks, favorite weapons/vehicles, spawn character, and other settings will be stored under this player name.
*If you are unable to launch/join try downloading and (re)installing the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer (, if that doesn’t work try restarting your computer.
*I will try to be in game to help any of the new players as they join (the tutorial map is horribly out of date and would only help players with the very basics of ECW).

System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Duo Core 2.0 GHz*
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce 8000 series or Radeon HD2000 series*
DirectX: Version 9c
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
Sound Card: Directsound compliant soundcard.
Network: TCP/IP required
Controller: Mouse and keyboard (tracpad and touch screen work but you will be better off with a mouse).

OS: Windows 8, Windows 7
Processor: FUTURE TECH (We've tested on 8 core 4.0Ghz processors and still get lag on the main map unless traffic is completely disabled, perhaps if you use one of those AMD 8 core 5GHz CPUs you can pull it off but we haven't tested).
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia 480 or Radeon HD 5870 CrossFire (CPU is the bottleneck in this game for now).
DirectX: Version 11 (Why not)
Hard Drive: SSD (Rape those load times)
Sound Card: Sound System with Subwoofer (We make use of the bass line for some sounds, like civilian cars listening to music that is excessively loud).
Network: Connection that supports at least 300Mbps.

Keyboard: Full keyboard with numpad, lot of controls in this and your life will be much easier without the mapping nightmare you will have without a numpad.

Additional Notes:
-An IP address (Single player is done through 1Player LAN).
-If you are running Windows Vista/7/8 and UAC is on you need to run Config in admin mode, you may also need compatibility settings for Windows 8.
-You play on-line (Gameplay was designed for multiplayer, and while there are some single player aspects, it's all better with more players, and way more stable... plus I'd love to see a nice full game for once).
-Defrag is your friend, this will help load times (Unless you are running an SSD).
-Desert DM likes to lock up if not hosted on a FDS.
-To play Single Player LAN the GameXXXX.exe files are the different view distances (they are hidden; the plan was for the client to have a launch offline button but has not been added yet.
-If you do not like the SMAA shader (or its eating too much of your GRAPHICS) you can disable it by deleting the d3d9.dll.
-VSYNC is highly recommended as frame rates above 60 can cause serious issues, the closer your frame rate is to the server frame rate the better your game will run.
-Additional settings can be changed in Rp2ServerSettings.ini (Data/Rp2ServerSettings.ini) if you are hosting; these can be used to tweak gameplay and even performance.
-Make sure you do a clean install; if you have the old standalone Rp2 do not install over the top of it.

Known issues:
-Currently we do not support wide screen field of views, I recommend playing in windowed mode to avoid graphics stretching (This will be fixed when we move to 4.0).
-Currently people running NVidia cards will notice texture flickering on the ground, this issue was introduced to the game at some point around 2.9.2 update, and will be fixed when we move to 4.0.
-Flying over ladders will get your vehicle stuck in the air; hopefully we will see a fix for this in 4.0.
-FPS and SFPS above and below 60 FPS directly affect gameplay (physics engine has bugs that will cause vehicles to bounce around if the frame rate is low, and if frame rate is extremely low scripts will run slow/stop running).
-Sliding the Geometry Detail slider up to full in game (ESC->Options->Configuration->Expert Mode->Geometry Detail) causes LOD to disable, if you are experiencing bad frame rates try moving the geometry slider down to the middle to re-enable LOD.
-For better particle effects, slide the Particle Detail slider (Config.exe->Performance->Expert Mode->Particle Detail) up to full.
-The physics issue know as Blue Hell (occasionally happens when something collides with something else and pushes either item or both off the map so far that they can't see the map anymore), this will be fixed when we go to 4.0.

Sorry for a lack of actual installer, I tried to set one up but the scripted installer I tried to build it from ran out of indexes.

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