A terrible catastrophe has struck Earth. Humankind and nature was threatened to be wiped out of the solar system. Each country offered their best scientists and engineers to work together and create several space stations to save as many people and animals before Earth is destroyed. When these space colonies were finally complete people felt safe until someone sabotaged the androids which served the colonies. These robots began a rampage against the families they served, the factories they worked on and so, a new threat has risen. ReStage tells the brave story of a humanoid robot that was built in a humble garage of a great engineer. His mission was to stop the robots’ rampage and find who sabotaged the colonies.

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Prototype Showcase

We just entered production phase and we find important that we show what the game is currently looking like.

We have a simple AI implemented along with a combat system, featuring a lock-on for easier dueling.

There's a door that needs a keycard and a win condition, which is a panel that the player must interact with to win the game.

This video shows the movement mechanics and some advanced programming of the positioning of the feet on surfaces that have different height and incline.

This small clip shows the interaction system where the player will have to find the key and unlock a door to progress. Later on we will add an inventory system to shows items the player has picked up.

This is a simple elevator that detects the player and, well, goes up and down.

Here you can take a look at the attacks and combos the player will be able to perform against his enemies.

And here you can see the attacks taking effect. Also, we have a health system applied and simple AI behaviour.

In the final part of the build there's some platforms that will be moving around so it is a little more interesting and challenging to jump between them.

And finally here are some prints from the lounge area we developed in another project and are reusing in this one!

lounge print 2

lounge print 1

All the models and animations are placeholders and will be replaced.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look at the level and mechanics.
See you next week!

Crimson Fox Studio

DevBlog #6 - Exciting News & Production Phase!

DevBlog #6 - Exciting News & Production Phase!


Today was an important milestone for the team and the game!

DevBlog #5 - Enemy Modelling & Logo Update

DevBlog #5 - Enemy Modelling & Logo Update


Enemies inbound! Robots have gone berserk, they need to be stopped! Also, we have our final logo for the game!

DevBlog #4 - Character & Cloth System

DevBlog #4 - Character & Cloth System


Character modelling is almost complete and the implementation of the cloth system is in the works!

DevBlog #3 - Character Modelling & Logo

DevBlog #3 - Character Modelling & Logo


Crimson Fox have begun modelling the character and finished the final concepts for the game logo!

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