You are a field doctor's assistant who was heading to a distant village to help local peasants. Someone attacked your stagecoach and you wake up in a mass grave, being the only survivor. Curb your fear because you are waiting for facing incredible beasts and monsters, and you are only human.

The brutal and dangerous world of Redemption of the Damned will not give the chance to slack off, the slightest mistake may be the last. Remember: you are just a simple person and your opponents are creepy monsters from fairy tales and legends that turned out to be a deadly reality.


In the first turn the enemy is dangerous not by the number. Even among people there are those who themselves want to see how the world is ablaze. Learn supernatural hunting techniques and help the locals. Don't forget about yourself, because you also need water, food and sleep. But the most important thing is not to go crazy.


The RoD world is much bigger than it seems. How many secrets lie in forgotten but not abandoned ruins? How many answers can you find in the dark corners of the world around you? But you need to be careful and attentive, because mortal danger is everywhere.


You will have to hunt dangerous beasts and supernatural monsters - ordinary weapons will not help much. Carefully study your enemy, prepare thoroughly and remember the most important rule of any hunter - "always finish the fallen creature, without giving a chance for revenge".


In addition to ordinary monsters, there are those who remain in the shadows. Those about whom the legends have been made during the centuries. Standard methods cannot cope with this. Use the changing daytime to get an advantage. Keep an eye on the moon phases and be aware of the fact that anything can go not according to the plan.

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🚀 In 2021, our team breaks all productivity records.

🔥 It’s hot in the MiroWin workshop — several projects in production at once! One of them, PC horror #RedemptionOfTheDamned is scheduled for release in Q1 2022.

👿 Everything that frightened you in fairy tales and myths will come to life in the scenery of medieval Europe.

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