2D arcade game in which the player must push various balls into a hole while avoiding obstacles, or falling into the hole themselves. Each board is complete with its own art, music, and level design.

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Push The Ball Now Available


Our first game, Push The Ball, is now available on itch.io. Push The Ball is a 2D arcade game in which the player must guide balls into a hole while avoiding obstacles or falling into the hole. The game features four boards, each with its own art and music.

There are three sizes of balls, spawning continuously around each board. Each ball is equipped with a slightly different physics behavior. The player is represented by a simple wooden paddle. Using this paddle, the player will attempt to catch the balls and guide them into the hole.

Gutter Board
In Gutter Board, balls drop from near the top of the board. The player must race to grab the balls before they fall into the "gutter" at the bottom of the screen.

Brick Board
Brick Board features a grid of blocks near the top center of the board. The balls will tend to get entangled in these blocks, and the paddle will only fit through some of the gaps. On this board, the hole will scroll from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Funnel Board
In Funnel Board, balls will drop through a funnel like structure into a narrow space bellow. Between the player and the hole, there is a "negative hole." This hole will block the player and the balls, leaving only a narrow gap to slip by as it rides up and down within a narrow pathway.

Avoidance Board
Avoidance Board has a very large "negative hole" that occupies most of the center of the screen. It will slide back and forth across the screen. Along the bottom boarder of the screen is the objective. This hole is much smaller and will also slide across the screen.

The game is currently available at Yellowdotgames.itch.io foe Windows PC.

twitter: @yellowDotGames,
website: Yellowdotgames.wix.com

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Avoidance Board Demo

Avoidance Board Demo


This is a demo of Push The Ball featuring the Avoidance Board. The only buttons on the main menu that will work are, "How To Play", "Play Avoidance Board...

asben Creator

Push The Ball is also available at Gameolith.com

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