Project Eve is the first game being developed by Fabled'Wisp for release on PC/Mac. You follow the story of a young girl on a quest to discover who she is. She will be guided by a special guardian who is sent to protect her. The story is emotional, humorous and at times gripping.

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Hello beautiful readers, and welcome to the news section of our shiny new project page.

My name is Sherb, I'm the technical lead at Fabled'Wisp studios. This means I am mainly in charge of the programming side of the game.

This is going to be a blog (maybe weekly) that I'm going to keep up to date with progress on the game.

At this point we have some of the base mechanics programmed, and we're in desperate need of an artist to help bring these mechanics to life, since right now we're literally staring at squares moving around.

Today was the 3rd company meeting, and our story has progressed so much in the few hours that we were discussing it, we have some very big plans for our game.

Please watch this space as we keep you up to date on the happenings of Project Eve
I love you all!


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