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Predator Realm is an awesome third-person zombie shooter. It has more of a casual, arcade style compared to other FPS zombie games, but we are working on awesome graphics and different gamemodes to suit every PC gamer. We're working on these game modes:-

Infinite Survival (Single Player) - infinite waves of zombies, gets harder and harder, ends when you die

Adventure (Single Player) - progress through the levels

Co-op Infinite Survival (2-4 Players)
- Same as Infinite Survival, but with your friends online

Deathmatch (2-8 players)
- No zombies! Kill your rival players, the most kills wins!

(possibly a CTF gamemode too - thinking about it).

The main character is Zayn, a perfectly normal man, who is the only survivor of a mini-apocalypse in his hometown, up in the Heora Mountains. He must travel to the city and warn his fellow humans, and help them escape, before the whole area is taken over! Currently Zayn has one weapon, an ACWR automatic rifle. It has a 26-round capacity and reloads in 1.5-2.5 seconds. We will, of course, be adding more weapons as the game progresses.
We're currently working on the Zombie AI and it is proving very successful. The zombie knows when to attack and will even attack other zombies if Zayn isn't close :P

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It isn't the first time we've seen this. With new tools becoming available for game development on the market, teenage development is rising.

A few projects by teenagers have become very successful : Harry Moran, 12, made PizzaBot which became the No.1 app on the Mac App Store; Robert Nay, 14, created Bubble Ball, which became No.1 app on the App Store, beating Angry Birds.

Now, another group of teenage developers hopes to walk in their tracks. ShiftJoy has been recently formed (although its' members have '2 years' experience' of Unity, their chosen engine), and they are now working on their first major release, Predator Realm.

They aim to combine 'action-packed zombie shooter' gameplay with a 'more casual, arcade style' to create an online multiplayer, fun, easy-to-learn game. According to their kickstarter, the game is estimated to be released some time around January 2014.

Last night, they released a kickstarter campaign to attempt to raise enough funds to complete the game and publish it.

Predator Realm Redesign and new maps/GUI!

Predator Realm Redesign and new maps/GUI!


We have added 2 new maps to Predator Realm and redesigned the GUI and existing maps.

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