Passing Bell is a Horror-Mystery RPG with story rich dark-literature-intriguing atmosphere set back in the XIX Century with subtle and immersive details in narrative and instrumental soundtrack.

Atmospheric in design, theme and looks the game exceeds at creating an enticing gloom-gothic style for the whole story unfolding upon you about the truth of the place.

The games does not only provides a captive atmosphere with well-done graphics and sounds but it will also feature different things of importance in the game, such as:

- Being rich in the story, the game contains multiple endings. Every single one depending on the path you've taken, just as how you have interacted with the environment. The game itself has a lot of interactable events, just take care of what you decide to act with as more than one decision will lead your life into an ending.

- It will be a horror game without relying in cheap jumpscares as many others in the same genre have been. The unknown, the unseen and the uncanny along with the mystery will lead your way into the game.

- Containing a Draft-Sketchy Hand-Drawn Picture-Storytelling book based on English Classic Fairytales in a gothic dark version, along with many other delightful extracts and pieces of literature, such as poems, of the 1800s.

And it doesn't only end there, the game contains much more things to be discovered...!

For more Social Media to follow the game make sure to have a look around:

The page for the game (Temporal HQ of Passing Bell):

Twitter (Where I'll be active the most):

Soundcloud (Once a new OST is done, it's the first place where I'll upload it):

Youtube (If there's anything important, bet it'll be there):

Discord (To get in contact with me. Active almost all day):

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Hello there guys, now as part of the development of Passing Bell this time I've come with more instrumental piano compositions for Passing Bell!

As for a piece of the OST I've been working later on; this is what has paid off. I've more tracks pending of course, but missing digitalization and general tweaking (At least the notes are down!) all will be in once a release is available, so heads up!

(Due to some speakers catching a bit weird the reverb of the piano, would recommend listening to it from half the volume at 80/90% not really at max volume!)

What a terrible night for a fire:

Maybe's Garden:

Dancing Shadows:

Nix's Story-telling

Nix's Story-telling


An advance in the story telling book of the game; featuring Nix's story.

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