Order and Resistance is a open-source FPS game using Irrlicht Engine.


The game is under low development and have no release date.
There is only 2 developers working on free time.

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Still alive

News 2 comments

Even it is almost in coma, Im still making this game!
I have a coder helping and developing in Irrlicht Engine the Network part and have some really new ideas to map dynamics.
More weapons are ready and textured, im currently modeling a new character with less faces.
Its hard to do it all by yourself, but is not impossible. Saddly this project is not my main objective in life, so I take a look when I can.
This is still my passion. Ive learned a lot with this.

Thanks for reading... now... go fing something to do with you life and stop wasting ur time!

SP123 alpha 0.043 done

SP123 alpha 0.043 done


The second alpha of SP123 is done. Now the shaders will be updates, last details added and Bugs hunted.

50% Faster

50% Faster

News 1 comment

After erasing a lot of unuseless stuff, game loads faster. 2 coders are helping with the engine, we have a new forum online (only for developers) and...

About the Project

About the Project


First of all, this game is OpenSource. It will be allways free. Possibly all of art works, models, sounds, textures, maps and code will be free under...

xanderdel - - 14 comments

Is this dead?

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ahhhasadahh - - 489 comments

XDXD Awesome!

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Piciek - - 50 comments

Is it anyhow related to CQB (a new ver of TC:E) by Coroner?

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victorborges Creator
victorborges - - 53 comments

no sir

Reply Good karma+2 votes
leathery - - 195 comments


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Meat-Popsicle - - 104 comments

I agree with all those other comments... This looks pretty sweet.

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Highmist - - 473 comments

Nice, nice.

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Deenn - - 136 comments


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fluffyzombie - - 288 comments


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