Welcome to the development page for No More Monsters, an game about SCP-122 a nightlight that when unplugged, Creates shadow like monsters around sleeping humans. This game is under development by me and Z-Bites and is being built on the unity engine. Im going to post information and updates on the game here. Im sorry to say that the game is early in development and is in closed beta, but it will become open at some point. Also, if you have experience in Art, 3D modelling, scripting, audio, or music post a reply and we will be happy to add you in the project.
Here is a list of people in the project:

Z-Bites - manager, original idea, storyline, and art.
Maniac1198 - Lead designer, modelling, scripting, and music.
Cridone - Art and texturing.

Also, We now have an email, if you have questions, please don't write them as comments, i have trouble reading those, instead email us here:
<!-- e -->nmmdevteam@gmail.com<!-- e -->

Here is the updates on the game no actual story or in-depth detail can be given until open beta:

May 23 2013:
Z-Bites posts idea for No More monsters

May 31 2013:
Maniac1198 takes up idea

June 1 2013:
Plans begin to make the game

June 2 2013:
Game is official being built on the unity engine

June 14 2013:
Version 0.1 is built user interaface and game outline is made including
Basic 3D models
UI interaction(look and press key to interact)
Lockable doors
basic movement and physics

June 21 2013:
Version 0.1.2
Sound Effects added
first instance of 122-1 added to game
cleaned up door mechanics
SCP breach protocol defense systems (Traps)
keycard mechanics

June 26 2013:
Alpha 1.3
Yep, were in the Alpha stage now :D
Gave Scp 122-1 glowing eyes :shock:
Added ambient music :gasp:
Started flashlight mechanics( let the darkness begin :twisted: )
Added credits page for team( Special thanks to Cridone for the credits background :) )

June 11 2013:
Hey Everyone some of you are probably confused on where the hell ive been, ive been out of town since the 3rd and havent been able to work on the game, i apologize about the delay.

Hi maniac1198 here, and may i say that i have been busy, busy, busy. Not only do i have work, but im also back in high school, i have to say im sorry for not posting this sooner, but the game was not going on in my mind these past few weeks, i have been working on the game somewhat, im sure im going to have to explain somewhat to the other developers :D . i apologize on so many lvls :laugh: . I still am very interested in the game and its been i fun time working on it, expect more news around the 20th or so 8)

Message to developers
this is for mostly z-bites but not just him, I want to have a meeting where we can discuss where to go with the game, also we may open the meeting to those wanting to get in on the game :D so until then STAY SCARED :shock:

August 27 2013:
God its been awile since an update, but here it is:
*Completed all game mechanics I.E. Music, Flashlight, movement Etc
*added more area and storyline to the game itself( its too bad i cant tell you what :wink: )
*started working on a few easter eggs, HMMMMM WHAT COULD THEY BE? :P
* I have been having some problems with lightings not looking right, such as flashlight only illuminating one object at a time but im fixing it 8)
Also I heard about someone wanting to do a walkthrough, which is great! but your gonna have to wait, this game is not nearly done.

P.S. ive added a F&Q down below

September 15 2013:
I know have a date for the Open Beta release:
Most of the core game is completed which means i now know when i can release it, the current date is going to be somewhere between Oct 15-30, that's about a month. cant wait to get it released :D. Im sorry i c ant tell you much about the game until the release. Thanks to all who have followed the game :D .


Q:Will the game be free?
A: As of the initial release, yes.

Q:What engine is it run on and why
A: The Unity engine, i choose it because its straightforward, well organized, and scripting is done in Java which i know

Q: At what point can I play NMM
A: The Beta will be the first public version, it will be released containing the main story of the game

Q: Will updates feature new content
A: Yes, along with bug fixes, updates will add more depth to the game making it a better experience for you.

Q: Does the game have correlation with SCP:CB
A: No, and yes. We are not working with the creators of CB. nor are we using scps from that game, HOWEVER

The game takes place during the CB 8)

October 12th 2013: MORE FAQ!!!!!!

Q:When did you start developing?
A:We started developing the game around mid-summer, unfortunately there was about a month or two of break in development.
Q: Can i join the development
A: YES, YES, and YES we can always use help, specifically scripters, level designers, and 3d modelers. at the moment im doing of of that and some help would speed up development ten-fold.

Q: Can i be an alpha tester
A: Alright heres the deal, im not going to give someone a copy of the game to alpha test because i dont want alpha versions flying around the internet. The Dev team are the only ones who can alpha test, sorry.

Q:What made you want to make this game?
A:The original idea was by z-bites, I took it up as because I enjoy SCP games and I've never done a project this big.

Q:What advice would you give to junior game developers?
A: if you're a junior game developer, the internet is your friend. all my skills in game development came from forums and videos. Also set your goals higher then high, don't aim for what you know you can do, aim for what you think is too hard for you. That's the only way you can get better.

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One more day until the estimated release date!!!!!! I'm extremely excited about this release!!!!! I have waited for SO long and as the promotional leader for NMM I just have to say, I know it is going to be good. I know this because of the love put into this game. The way everyone who sees it finds it interesting. I wish the whole NMM dev. team SO MUCH LUCK!!!!




** OPEN BETA DATE HAS BEEN PLANNED SEE BELOW** No More Monsters, a game about SCP-122, a nightlight that when unplugged, creates shadow like monsters...

kylehayman361 - - 4 comments

again i offer my services to people who appreciate the SCP foundation, i am a voice actor, if you need my services an email should suffice.

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FlashbackC96 - - 7 comments

This looks interesting. I love SCP:CB and the Foundation's site, so I am intrigued. I look forward to a release.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Rj117 - - 15 comments

YEY free


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ColePatrolGaming Creator
ColePatrolGaming - - 7 comments

sorry but the dev. team is still fixing some things and we all know it'll be ready by the 30th at most.

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Guest - - 692,480 comments

Can't wait for this game!!!

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