This is a Horror game depicting the best graphical representation of hell.

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As many have seen Agony, the yet to be released horror game is being built on the Unreal 4 engine. This means the game will be mod able. Because of this I created this place to upload our creations. After coming late to the game i.e. after the kick starter completed and before the sudden removal of the March 30th release date on Steam, I was left with acquiring the game via a Torrent. Luckily there were no surprises with it. The game itself is amazing looking even on my 1080p system. But I did notice that the developers at Madmind Studio did leave the modding community some work to do. For example the "female" characters have exposed breast but no vaginas. However the "male" characters have penises. I am not sure when in society it became OK to show a penis but not a vagina (GTA V) but I think we can balance that table pretty easily. Also in the demo I noticed one massive absence. There is no torturing of any kind depicted. There are signs that torture has occurred. But there is no torture occurring. This is a depiction of hell after all. I understand that in the full game this may change. Honestly I do not believe it will. I have watched many videos on the game and there is no hellish torture occurring. So to all the Agony fans and mod makers, welcome home and load this bitch up!

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This is the first level. It is designed to give those with access to Unreal Engine a chance to play with it and, if they want make some contributions.



Player Model

This is the demo version of the Sukkub. Use this to assist in modding your copy of the game.

UE viewer

UE viewer

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This allows you to extract models and there resources. By (c) Konstantin Nosov (Gildor), 2007-2018




This is the kick starter demo for Agony. This is the version that has red blood.


any luck so far?

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Again, if anyone is intereted in helping mod this game, I am looking to build a team of capable modders to give the fans of Agony the game they truly desire. Please PM me if you're interested. Thank you.

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_Alienhead_ Creator

I have minimal experience modding. Mostly using mods and installing tricky mods into many games and creating some personal use texture mods for gta v and installing them using open IV. However my strong suit is I have lots of computer power. I can test and run just about any heavy resource hungry software. Even the most unstable programs seem to run with relative ease on my machine. 1st computer. Gigabyte X99m Gaming 5 mother board F22 Bios I7-6950X 3.0ghz unmolested. Two Pascal Titan X cards on SLI. 65 gig memory. 2nd computer Predator G3-605 Mother board P11-C0 Bios I7-4770 3.40GHz unmolested NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6gb. 12Gig memory.
Unreal 4 engine
and much more

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