are four new weapons at your disposal. Almost all of them have changed
features and none of them replaces existing .art files since they're
made using QAV animation.


got even more freedom: the most of the locations have free exits and
it's up to you to decide when to end the game. You have 5 ways to finish
the game in total.

if he can't move he won't let you kill him so easily. More than 250
TX/RX values were used to trigger him. He has unbelievable intelligence
and has the ability to foresee your actions, so you'd need strategic
thinking to put him down.

map has its unique gloomy style. You'll feel the mysterious atmosphere
of abandoned places. Music, the surroundings, the story - all of this
would keep you on the edge of the seat till the end. A lot of time was
spent working on details. You'll find yourself in a new world which
lives on its own and waits for you to explore it. You'll see ghosts.
Encounter the unknown. Hear the darkness breathing with horror. All the
levels are connected with each other as much as possible and will help
you to learn the complicated story of BAITD.



program is made to work under DOS. We decided there's no point making a
Windows launcher as everyone has DosBox set anyway. Mod makers can set
it to work with their own addons. It currently supports: sprites with
transparency, backgrounds, fonts and palette, infinite menu options,
writings, scripts which are supposed to help you launch Blood with more
options. All resources can be stored in one folder as well as in a
special archive to keep your beloved game pure. All settings(design,
scripts) are stored in one .ini file. It's open source too.


* - For
game start use "blaunch.exe" If you use DosBox you can simply change a
name of a started file (i.e. instead of BLOOD.EXE write blaunch.exe).
Thus any additional options it is not required.

* -Search for useful subjects in book shelves.
* -It is recommended to raise volume of allocated memory in DosBox if you use 36 MB.
* -Before start it is recommended to move or remove *.DEM files.

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damn I'm sad now, You had me hyped up when I saw that first part...

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Holy damn! I raise my flag for you, men.

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