Project in the genre platformer / side-scroller. The main hero is Heli - a girl who was in the world of fantasy and should release the good spirits. In this it will help the allied spirit, which always protects it. Neli has defensive spells of the elements, and the allied spirit has attack spells. Also our girl can call herself to the aid of fighting creatures, for example: a toy bear will turn into a ferocious bear who will fight in close combat. During the game we will be able to: 1. Use more than 40 spells of different elements, with a combination of which will give us combo magic. 2. Call on your side wild creatures who will help us in melee. 3. Enjoy unique flora and fauna, unique structures, beautiful views and other things of fantasy world. 4. Perform not complicated but exciting tasks, solve puzzles that will only please you. 5. Collect energy elements, being secondary to the game, not required to pass the level. 6. Exchange the collected elements for additional abilities.

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Neorj live Kickstarter!


We have prepared a lot of beautiful art for you!



Project in the platformer genre. The main character Heli is a girl, who had a mission to save a fantastic world and populate his kind beings from enslavement. The heroine helps the spirit - the guardian of worlds in the guise of a dragon, designed to protect it. Travel between the worlds will immerse you in the atmosphere of a variety of fantastic locations, where, along with Heli and her faithful helper, you will meet with deadly inhabitants of the worlds. The victory over these formidable creatures who feel themselves as full masters will require the player not only to solve puzzles, improve magical abilities and discover the hidden potentialities of each world, but also real courage. Discovering the step-by-step universe "Neorj", everyone can feel himself involved in the ultimate goal - saving a mysterious beautiful world that is on the verge of extinction.10



we're on kickstarter!

Thank you for your support!

Neorj Demo

Neorj Demo


Hello! Friends, we want to share with you the news, we've finally completed a demo version of our game Neorj!

Neorj, We did it!

Neorj, We did it!


We prepared a demo version which includes 'the world of portals', the world of Fire Grass, the first snake villains, and a logical challenger. We attached...

Neorj #3

Neorj #3

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We prepared the trailer! Here come the hour when we finished our trailer, completed our demo and are ready to show it to the public!

Blog 2 - Fantastic world Neorj

Blog 2 - Fantastic world Neorj


The Books of Five Elements, which will allow us to pump 40 spells!

xTechnoCatx - - 11 comments


I did a Let's Play of the demo build and have some feedback. I understand this is in development and things may change as dev progresses.

The art and style and colors are beautiful. The design of the character and her concept art is great. The way she has to rely on the dragon's help to progress is a wonderful idea creating companionship. The spells and all of the cool looking locked ones are interesting and I suspect they will be fun to be use. I love all of this, and the bestiary and music. But there are a few issues I had with the gameplay mechanics:

1. It is difficult to control Heli when trying to make jumps to precise locations in the 3D space. Frustrating movement is a big problem a lot of 3D platformers face.

2. There is no way to control the camera. This often leads to not being able to see Heli, observe the surroundings, or see where to go next. The perspective is often jarring when trying to do platforming or hit enemies.

3. The animation/particle effects for the first lightning ability is weak and sometimes hard to see when it happens.

4. The combat, in its current state, isn't very fun and is made artificially difficult by the issues with the camera/controls. I am certain that when combat sounds are implemented the combat will feel a lot better, but the mechanics are still concerning. Additionally, enemies need a good solid "hit" animation to tell the player that they successfully hit and did damage to the enemy. It is weirdly frustrating to be constrained to a small space and be surrounded by snakes, trying to run around and swap spells and actually hit anything with the spells without being able to control where the camera is looking. Maybe some kind of targeting system would help? Heli could lock onto an enemy and when we click to use her spell it will prioritize the target, not the mouse location. You guys have a cool wall spell for tactical use, but the chaos I just mentioned makes it difficult to apply tactics in combat.

Game development is a huge undertaking and I know it is A LOT of hard work. You guys have created a wonderful and magical world that I'd like to see more of.

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positive virus check with avast on the link you give on
perhaps false positive, but... you know

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Neorj Creator
Neorj - - 1 comments

Avast swears by .exe We ran 3 different antiviruses, you have nothing to fear

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