FUNDED ON KICKSTARTER! APPROVED ON STEAM GREENLIGHT! The player follows Nairi, a troubled upper class girl, and Rex, a gangster-turned-scholar, as they uncover a dark mystery involving the mysterious Tower of the oasis city of Shirin.

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New NAIRI Blog!


03/10/2016 - From Nothing to NAIRI

Let's talk a bit about how NAIRI came to be.
It's weird to look back at some early stuff - so much has changed.
The game wasn't even called NAIRI back then!

One of our first sketches of Nairi, Shirin and the Tower.

When we design games, we don't start with a story or a specific gameplay mechanic.
NAIRI didn't even start out as a point&click adventure!
Instead, we started with an experience we want our players to have.

We wanted the experience to feel magical. Our modern exotic city gradually shifted to what is now 'Shirin'.

We really wanted players to enjoy a compelling narrative-puzzle experience, with a special art-style to bring it all together.
The next step was to think of gameplay mechanics that would effectively convey this experience.
This is why NAIRI eventually became a point&click adventure!

A dungeon with a different, brighter feel and puzzle-set than, for instance, the Luna Ruins.

The same is true for NAIRI's story - first comes the intended experience.
We didn't start with narrative devices or specific plots.
Instead, NAIRI's world, characters and plot were - and are - finetuned around what we want our players to feel.

Some pages of reference, descriptions and history - to build a believable world with interesting lore.

So we went from nothing, to an experience - and from there to gameplay mechanics and a story.
We slowly 'stumbled upon' NAIRI - and now we're finally ready to show our concept to the world,
and hope people will love it as much as we do!

yt_headerNAIRI organically grew from nothing to an intended experience, and finally a fleshed-out concept.

If you've been following NAIRI, or got interested by this blogpost, you should check out our Kickstarter page.
This is just the beginning for NAIRI!

Thanks a lot for reading, everyone - and remember, we're always available for questions.
Have a super nice day!

-Joshua, HomeBearStudio
(Co-Owner, Programmer, Designer, Composer)

Announcement Trailer!

Announcement Trailer!

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NAIRI announcement trailer! An upper-class girl and rugged scholar rat adventure through an adorable yet darkly troubled animal-inhabited oasis city!

NAIRI Progress Update! New Cutscene!

NAIRI Progress Update! New Cutscene!


It is time for another progress update for NAIRI! Check out a cute little cutscene and read about the development process!

Nairi Progress Report 1! Dialogue System!

Nairi Progress Report 1! Dialogue System!


Hello everyone! Joshua here. It is time for another progress update for NAIRI! Check out a video and read about technical/art bits of the dev-process!

NAIRI Funded on Kickstarter!

NAIRI Funded on Kickstarter!


The NAIRI Kickstarter is over! Check the results and what we're planning for the future!


Hi folks,

I bumped into this cute, appealing game on Kickstarter and pledged 'cause I really want to go all the way on this fantasy adventure in Shirin!
It seems different, intriguing and I already got the hooks into these charming characters...although there show up some creaps too...Exciting!


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Thanks a bunch, Jill! :)

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