The five kingdoms of Humanity once stood united under the Treaty of the Five Thrones. However, one day, the Raven Empire broke the treaty by attacking the magic kingdom of Preinnor. War returned to Ashen once more-- as old enemies renew their hatred, and the defeated suffer, a dark power lingers.

The fate of Ashen-- the five kingdoms, will rest on your hands. Travel through the ruins of the once-great Uliassa, fight in the arena of Asybaen, behold the magic powers of Preinnor, walk through the snowy mountains of Yilanidd and fight the fierce snow wolves, or visit the Raven Empire and join the high templars.

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Progress with NPCs


With the addition of NPCs I actually plan on making the player interacting with them, and that's the most enduring task as I need to figure out how I want the player to interact with NPCs before touching more code-- although now the "engine" can read npcs and add them into maps whenever needed.

On other news, I have decided to drop Forge Editor for the time being, since I am going to work on the database a lot, I believe Forge Editor must be developed when I am sure of what the game is going to have and what isn't it going to have.

Well, that's all for now, have a good week!

NPC Integration

NPC Integration


Well, since that I am satisfied with the maps and items for now (in reality, the current system is at the most primitive stage of development, because...

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