Project Crynosaurs Tech Demo 2 Released!

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Out Now of Steam


Hey everyone, our first release is on Steam! Thanks everyone for all the support!

Steam Early Access Release

Steam Early Access Release

News 2 comments

Hey everyone, the time has finally arrived…almost. We’ll be releasing Collision Course on Early Access the first week in January so get your GPU warmed...

Steam Greenlight - Collision Course

Steam Greenlight - Collision Course


Our game Collision Course needs your help getting through the Steam Greenlight process. If you like what we’re doing please take a second and give us...

Crynosaurs: Collision Course – Alpha – Indiegogo Campaign Now Live!

Crynosaurs: Collision Course – Alpha – Indiegogo Campaign Now Live!


Crynosaurs: Collision Course – Alpha – Indiegogo Campaign Now Live! Our Indiegogo campaign is up! It’s been a great ride so far, help us keep it...

Crynosaurs Tech Demo 2.1 Release!

Crynosaurs Tech Demo 2.1 Release!

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Crynosaurs Tech Demo 2.1 Release!

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Crynosaurs / RTJP Tech Demo 1.0

Crynosaurs / RTJP Tech Demo 1.0

Demo 49 comments

Please read the full description below. Our first tech demo powered by the CryEngine 3 is finally released! As the player you have to survive a tropical...

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MuldoonArg - - 6 comments

Al final... termino siendo una decepcion el juego y su lanzmiento en steam.

In the end... the game and its release on steam ended up being a disappointment.

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arieas - - 313 comments

Been out of games and game development so long I didn't even see you are on steam. Hopefully get time to play tomorrow.

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Blue199 - - 6,971 comments

Dinosaurs, yay! :D

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wrogumiastbram - - 257 comments

Are you going to add some herbivores?

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Faithism Creator
Faithism - - 5 comments

Yep, some herbivores are in work now.

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Argoon - - 1,078 comments

Nice job guys but i can't seam to be able to enable the stereo 3D vision.

My GPU AMD R9 270X

Btw fantastic job on the raptor it was fantastic seeing how instead of going straight to attack he behaved like a realistic animal, but why was he always alone? I though raptors where pack hunters? The T-REX was also very nice, was expecting to see a even bigger one but that didn't happen, i didn't search all around tho but i love that you are using physics based vegetation.

What more can you do beside walking around and throwing spears? How many dinosaurs and species will you guys implement?

Some critics, I would like, if possible, that the spear go to the place the white dot is pointing, the passage of time also needs to be smoother, right now it makes the shadows jump, instead of moving smoothly along and that is very distracting and really not very realistic, the forest imo could gain with more sounds, wind sound was very obviously lacking, i'm not saying it was bad, not at all, if you go to a modern forest the most sounds you hear is (taking out the modern sounds like cars, airplanes, machines, dogs, etc) birds, animals like sheep or horses (depends on the region you are from) some insects but mostly wind rustling the trees leafs, and perhaps some really soft crackling wood sounds, but this one depends on the strength of the wind, but i'm pretty sure it was no different back then.

Also will you guys implement aquatic dangers? At first i was afraid to go into water, knowing there was and still are some nasty aquatic creatures, crocodile for example, but that was until i realized there was no danger there.

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Faithism Creator
Faithism - - 5 comments

Thanks! Not sure about the 3d, was never tested. Sorry. There's some caves to explore around the swamp with some fun items. Yeah, dinos spawn dynamically now so we'll need to include some logic to allow groups in an area. It's pretty much randomly chooses a point now you aren't looking at and is far enough away. The number of dinos is still up in the air, we'd like to do as many as possible.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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stalkerforever - - 683 comments

When will this game be released?

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AresTheAncient - - 1 comments

So I use the launcher and it seems to be working. But then It wants to run crude login.exe or something and then it crashes. It just goes back to my normal screen. Please help. When I try to run the crydevlogin.exe by itself it says this "The application has failed to start because it's side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail." Any ideas?

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Guest - - 693,374 comments

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